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Brave Prairie Dogs Face Off Snake! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Never threaten a mother and her babies.  This prairie dog is willing to go head-to-head with a rattlesnake to keep her family safe....

Dogs and Fireworks -- The Amazingly Stupid Bonus Animal Video of the Day!!!

You just can't fight stupid.  When watching this video, I want you to pay attention to all of the laughter.  Things like this make me angry.  Make sure your four-legged friends are safe on New Year's Eve.  Don't act like these people.

Mama Duck Versus Crows! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Don't mess with Mama!  This duck is fed up with the crows that are trying to get to her babies.  And she's not putting up with it anymore!

Spiders, Spiders, and More Spiders!!! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Spiders.  I rather like them.  They keep other bugs out of my house.  They don't attack me (at least the ones that I have).  And they're kind of cool looking.  They are one of the animals in nature that outrageously adheres to the "Do Not Touch" rule of design.  This is a cool documentary about the world's largest 8-legged predators.

Diving in Patagonia with Whales! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

I envy the people that work for National Geographic.  They get to do cool things... like dive with whales.

Giant Bat! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Thank God these things eat only nectar and fruit.  With a six-foot wing-span, this thing would scare me to death if it came swooping out of the trees!  This informative video gives a brief glimpse into the Mega-bat.

The Flying Reindeer Theory -- Animal Video of the Day!!!

Can reindeer fly?  Apparently only one day each year according to specialists at the Oregon Zoo.

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