Happy Dogs! The Saint Patrick's Day Animal Video Of The Year!!!

Even our little furry buddies need to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day!  Just remember to heed to the rule in this video!  Dogs can't handle booze like us humans!

Problems With Cat Fur? The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Unless you have one of those rather alien looking (yet very sweet) hairless cats, you probably experience the same problem with fur that I do: each week enough fur gathers in corners, on the carpet, and on furniture to build a whole new cat.  This video provides some helpful hints to make this situation easier to handle.

A Cow With Boots! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Meet Fawn.  She was born under some unfortunate circumstances that rendered her handicapped at birth.  Instead of being put down, she was adopted, rehabilitated and given braces to help her move around.  And she's doing great!

When Pigs Fly... Errr... Swim, That Is. The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Something urges me to go to Pig Island.  I'm not sure why.  The concept of swimming pigs that just want to hang out and eat treats has some odd appeal to me.

How To Help A Paralyzed Bunny -- The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

So, how do you help a paralyzed rabbit?  You use a tiny toy skateboard and a sock (I think).  And the result is adorable.  Crank the cuteness level up to 11 on this one...

Are These Elephants Fighting? The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Part of growing up, especially in the wild, is learning how to fight.  These two young elephants are trying to figure this out.  And don't worry--this is just friendly sparring.

10 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Owls (with video)

Owls are awesome. Sometimes we hear their calls at night indicating their whereabouts to their mates, but we seldom actually see our neighborhood owls, because they are active at night, when we humans don't see too well.  They say owls can't see during the daytime, but that's not true.  They see fine in daylight, they just see incredibly well at night.  Here are some more facts about owls, some of which you may not have known....