The Horror Of Abuse--And The Power Of Love. The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

This is not easy to watch (though it ends well).  This dog was abused.  The power of love and caring becomes very apparent as this video progresses.  Get the tissues out...

Whale Rescue! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Every now and then there is a video posted that inspires renewed hope in the good that can be found in humanity.  This is one of those videos...

Head Gear For Blind Dogs? The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Egad!  That little pooch in the picture looks like she's ready to go off to battle!  What is this strange device that she is wearing?  And does it work?

3D Printer Gives Dog New Paws

Advancements in prosthetics for humans and animals have given a dog named Derby a new lease on life thanks to a 3D printer.

Studies Show Dogs Exhibit Prosocial Behavior When It Comes To Sharing

According to a new study, dogs may have the same prosocial behavior patterns as people and primates, man’s closest living relatives in the animal world.

Swans In Need Of Help! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

This amazing video is very odd--at least to me.  My only experience with swans is having them chase me and bite me in the butt.  To have two swans actively approach a human for help is something I've never seen before...

Hedgehogs As Pets: Get The 411 Before You Decide

Hedgehogs are those adorable little creatures that appear more like the conjurings of an imaginative mind when pen meets paper or brush meets canvas. But they’re more than a Beatrix Potter rendering for children’s books. Hedgehogs are very real and have grown in popularity over the years as pets...