20 Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Kitty Litter

Keeping your cat's litter box fresh and dry is just one of the many uses for natural clay kitty litter. We've listed 20 household applications for this simple yet versatile resource that will take the place of all sorts of jobs and specialty products.

What's Hiding In These Rocks? The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Animals are simply amazing.  Look at that picture.  All that can be seen are rocks and scrub.  Just wait until you find out what is hiding right there--in plain sight.

The Ant Warning System Animal Video Of The Day!!!

This is somewhat frightening.  Watch how these ants react around a cell phone.  And we hold these things up to our heads?!?!

Orchid Mantis -- The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

I have never before seen an orchid mantis.  These beautiful insects come in a variety of colors and manage to be beautiful and creepy at the same time.

Swimmin' With Da Seals! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

I've often expressed my fear of swimming with sharks.  Not so with seals.  I suspect it would be like running into a bunch of dogs in a park... and you have a Frisbee.

What Is This Thing? The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

The world is full of mysterious objects--and this is one of them.  Just what is this tiny thing and what is inside of it?

Elton John & Edward Snowden Are Now Swimming With The Fishes

Betcha’ you’re thinking that with a headline like that, you might have missed some breaking news? What could this unlikely duo possibly have in common and why might they be found at the bottom of the sea, alongside Davy Jones’ locker?