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Researchers Confirm That Starfish Have Terrible, Colorblind Vision!

While the specific stats found from the study really are fascinating, I certainly don’t think that anyone thought that starfish had anything close to what humans would call “a good sense of sight” in the first place…

From Diablo to Spirit -- The Amazing Black Leopard Animal Video of the Day!!!

I don't generally believe in stuff like this, but when you see the transformation this beautiful black leopard makes and the reaction of her keepers... well, it's quite amazing.

Did You Know Crocodiles Enjoy Fruit Snacks?

That’s right armchair herpetologists! Alligators, crocodiles and other crocodilians will go way out of their way to eat some fruit for a complete, balanced and healthy diet. While that fact is really cool on its own, we all just want to watch giant gators chomp down watermelons, right?

Pro Pet Tip: Setting Up A Fancy Rat Cage

There are many ways to go about setting up your fancy rat’s new home, but with these invaluable tips, yours will be the happiest rats in your home! Those rats in the attic will be so jealous!

Product Review – Unusual Carnivore Dinosaur Replicas By Safari Ltd.

There’s no denying it- Dinosaurs are awesome, and Safari Ltd. makes the best dino replicas in the business. This time I’ve got my hands on a trio of lesser known carnivorous dinosaurs that the artisans at Safari did an incredible job bringing to life:

I Would Not Want to be This Guy! The Run Like Hell Animal Video of the Day!!!

Look at that picture to the right.  That is one of the last places on Earth I would want to find myself.  They may look cute, but hippos are dangerous.  This short video will give you a glance into why to stay clear of these massive creatures.

How To Humanely Get Rid Of Pigeons

Even though I think that the common pigeon, or rock dove, is an adorable little addition to most modern cityscapes, some people don’t appreciate the birds as much as Sesame Street’s Bert or Mike Tyson do. I’ve got a trio of helpful tips for anyone looking to keep the feathered poop machines at bay:

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