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Is Your Dog One Of The Top 5 “Talking” Breeds? (Noisy Videos!)

A recent survey of hundreds of veterinarians was conducted to discover which types of domesticated dogs are the most “talkative” or “vocal.” Not the loudest, mind- but which dog species are the most likely to share their feelings with their yippy, barky and whiney words?

5 Helpful & Healthy Feeding Tips For Bird Owners

We all want the best for our feathered friends, so I’ve put together a list of useful information for your bird to get the most nutrition out of its diet. When your bird is healthy, satisfied and happy, everyone’s a winner!

Have We Finally Cracked The Yeti Code?

If you can’t bear to spoil the big reveal about what the mythical Himalayan human/primate/combo (?) Yeti creature might actually be, then stop reading here!

New Class Helps Dogs Learn To Be Airline Passengers

There are a number of reasons that you may need to fly with your dog as an airline passenger instead of as cargo -- from service dogs to best buds. Flying can be a stressful experience for dogs -- the airport crowds, security checks, and turbulence are only a few of the issues that face them when traveling. Now Air Hollywood, the world's largest aircraft-themed film studio, is offering classes to train dogs to handle air travel calmly and appropriately.

The Top 10 Wackiest Names For Animal Groups!

Everyone knows that a group of dogs is called a pack and that a gathering of birds is a flock, but what do you call a crowd or gorillas? Kangaroos? Butterflies? Official proper phrases that no one outside of nature nerds like us will ever use, that’s what!

The Top Five Invasive American Animals Invading The Earth!

America rocks! We have created the airplane, Xbox, automobile, internet and a whole bunch of other awesome goodies for everyone around the world to enjoy. Unfortunately, the rest of the world also has to deal with our invasive species too…

How to Feed a Two-headed Snake -- The Animal Video of the Day!!!

This two-headed Albino Honduran Milk Snake named Medusa is a bit difficult to feed as each of the heads have their own idea of which mouth should get the food.  Stuff like this freaks me out...