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Pro Pet Tip: 5 Tips For A Pet-Friendly Thanksgiving!

It’s that time of year again! While we’re all ready to enjoy some good food, great family, football, parades and other fun stuff, the holiday can be a potential minefield for careless pet owners…

Did You Know Reindeer Eyes Change Color Each Season?

Here’s a strange factoid for you: A Reindeer’s eye color changes from a summertime gold to a blue hue in time for Christmas and back again every year. We might finally understand why!

Pro Pet Tip: Adopting A Millipede

That’s right! These many-legged millipedes are an easy to care for invertebrate that actually makes for an excellent pet if you’re into crawly critters…

How Do You Keep Elephants From Charging? Recorded Big Cat Roars!

The age-old question might finally be put to rest, as researchers put the “play back recorded tiger and leopard noises to scare away elephants” theory to the test, and the results might surprise you!

Do Spectacled Bears Hate The Pawparazzi? (Destructive Video!)

A team of researchers set out a series of motion activated camera traps in the jungles of Bolivia to get a glimpse of the daily lives of the vulnerable spectacled bears, but I hope that their cameras weren’t rentals…

Pro Pet Tip: Adopting A Dog Face Puffer

These oddly-shaped puffer fish are an excellent pet for a mid-level aquarium enthusiast looking for something exotic to add to the mix. While the dog faced puffer is a fun fish to observe, they do have some specific needs that must be addressed if you’re going to safely integrate one into your tank…

Is Your Dog One Of The Top 5 “Talking” Breeds? (Noisy Videos!)

A recent survey of hundreds of veterinarians was conducted to discover which types of domesticated dogs are the most “talkative” or “vocal.” Not the loudest, mind- but which dog species are the most likely to share their feelings with their yippy, barky and whiney words?

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