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Mouse Over Mousse: Why Cats Can’t Taste Sweetness

Did You know that cats can’t taste sweet things? While cookies, cake and candy are awesome, cats will never appreciate the sugary secret behind our cravings for syrupy desserts. But why can’t cats enjoy the sweet stuff like we do?

Pro Pet Tip: Adopting A Fire-Bellied Toad

The fire-bellied toad is a vividly colored Asian amphibian that is a simple to care for friend that can live at your pad for five to twelve years. If you’ve ever wanted a toadally cool pet, here’s a mini-guide for new fire-bellied toad owners:

Scientists Discover Two New Shark Species: Carolina Hammerhead & Walking Shark!

The past few months have been crazy-exciting for ichthyologists, as they’ve catalogued a pair of exciting new species into the record books off the coasts of South Carolina and Indonesia!

Pro Pet Tip: Adopting A Hermit Crab

The humble hermit crab has been a pet store staple for ages, and for good reason too: They’re extremely easy to care for, can live for over a decade and are just so darn cute!

New Giant Extinct Species Of Platypus Discovered! (Cute Video!)

After carefully examining a large, single limestone tooth fossil, a researcher realized that it belonged to an extinct platypus species that must’ve stretched at least three feet long!

Pro Pet Tip: 10 Common Household Plants That Are Toxic For Pets

As much as you try to keep your puppy and kitten pals safe, you’d better beware of the hidden dangers lurking in your landscaping. Here’s a list of ten toxic common plants that pet owners should be aware of:

Pro Pet Tip: 5 Tips For A Pet-Friendly Thanksgiving!

It’s that time of year again! While we’re all ready to enjoy some good food, great family, football, parades and other fun stuff, the holiday can be a potential minefield for careless pet owners…

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