Snowy Owls Are Migrating To United States This Winter!

Snowy Owls are commonly found throughout the northern nations of Canada and Russia, but this year these large beautiful predatory birds have been found as far south as Florida. Why are these Arctic animals moving so far from the frozen tundra?

What Are The Top 10 Most Mischievous Pets?

As much as we love our fuzzy friends, the little imps somehow manage to get themselves into trouble at one point or another. The ASPCA put together a list of the ten pets that statistically more likely to get into potentially dangerous situations, and unfortunately, all of my animal buddies made the list!

Hundreds Of Vultures Visiting Vinton, Virginia!

It’s that time again: Well over 100 migrating vultures are setting up camp in the town of Vinton, Virginia, and the citizens are already sick and tired of feeling like they are sharing their town with the Addams Family…

The Layout of a Fire Ant Mound -- The Molten Animal Video of the Day!!!

Let me start off by saying that I don't recommend that anyone try this.  Let me also say that while I'm sympathetic of almost all animals, fire ants do not fit in that list.  So what this guy does isn't necessarily nice, but it does provide an interesting look at how fire ants design their mounds... and also makes a piece of art.

How Does a Fox Hunt in the Snow? The Cool Animal Video of the Day!!!

I love today's video.  Not only is it educational, but quite mesmerizing to watch.  I'd love to see a human try this hunting technique... though something tells me that would end out with a trip to the hospital.

70+ People Bitten By Piranhas In Argentinean Rivers!

Nothing will put a damper on a tourist’s summertime dip than having a school of feisty palometa fish biting off your toes! Gez- It’s like an animal attack movie come to life…

True Facts About the Armadillo -- The Super-funny Animal Video of the Day!!!

I've always thought armadillos were just plain cool.  Get ready for a mixture of humor and facts that make for a very entertaining and informative video.  Keep in mind there are a few adult themes in this--put the kiddies in another room for a minute and be ready to laugh.