The Flying Reindeer Theory -- Animal Video of the Day!!!

Can reindeer fly?  Apparently only one day each year according to specialists at the Oregon Zoo.

True Facts About the Frog -- The Crazy Animal Video of the Day!!!

While extremely funny, this awesome little video about frogs is also quite educational.  I learned things that... well, frankly, I'm not sure I ever wanted to know about these critters.

The Canadian Lynx -- Animal Video of the Day!!!

I love cats.  But this thing looks scary.  Look at those hind legs!  It's no wonder that the Snowshoe Hare is terrified of the Canadian Lynx.

Giant Critters! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

I have something of an obsession with snails; and not in the "let's preserve them way."  They are delicious.  And when I looked at that big guy in the picture on the right, I must admit that my mind went through multiple recipes.  But, while I may like them as a dish, I still find them fascinating--and the other wildlife in this video are equally as interesting.

When Giraffes Attack! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

I've seen plenty of videos of nice giraffes.  In fact I was at a zoo not long ago and fed one, rubbed its head, etc.  But I wouldn't want to be on the ass-kicking end of one of these critters.

Play Zoo Tycoon & Microsoft Will Donate Money To Help Animal Conservation!

That’s right, gamers: You can make the world a better place for our animal friends by meeting certain challenges set in the newest installment of the hit videogame franchise Zoo Tycoon recently released for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Pass the controller, it’s time to save the planet!

Musk Oxen Versus Wolves! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Nature is not gentle, but it does design creatures to survive in harsh terrain.  Here is what I suspect is a daily occurrence between the hunter and the hunted... only the hunted is quite surly.

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