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True Facts About the Cuttlefish -- The Animal Video of the Day!!!

The cuttlefish is just plain odd.  It's sort'a built inside out, has odd sexual rituals, and can change colors to suit it's environment.  This funny (yet educational) video shows how strange these creatures are...

Pro Pet Tip: Finding The Best Pet Shipping Service

Whether you’re moving across the nation or the other side of the planet, chances are good that you’ll want to take your animal buddies with you. Luckily there are a host of professional animal moving options, but be very careful who you choose to trust with your money and beloved pets!

3 Top Winter Tips To Keep Pets Safe!

It’s that time of year again: The air is getting chilly, the orange, brown and yellow leaves have just been raked, and the weather report says that there’s going to be a fresh layer of snow on the ground in the morning. Just as you get yourself ready for winter, it’s time to prepare your dogs and cats for the frostiest months of the year!

Walking With Dinosaurs -- The Movie. Why, Oh Why, Do They Have to Talk?

I'm a kid at heart and when I see that there is a really cool looking dinosaur movie coming out I get excited.  And this film looks really good--though I do have one big problem...

Mouse Over Mousse: Why Cats Can’t Taste Sweetness

Did You know that cats can’t taste sweet things? While cookies, cake and candy are awesome, cats will never appreciate the sugary secret behind our cravings for syrupy desserts. But why can’t cats enjoy the sweet stuff like we do?

Pro Pet Tip: Adopting A Fire-Bellied Toad

The fire-bellied toad is a vividly colored Asian amphibian that is a simple to care for friend that can live at your pad for five to twelve years. If you’ve ever wanted a toadally cool pet, here’s a mini-guide for new fire-bellied toad owners:

Scientists Discover Two New Shark Species: Carolina Hammerhead & Walking Shark!

The past few months have been crazy-exciting for ichthyologists, as they’ve catalogued a pair of exciting new species into the record books off the coasts of South Carolina and Indonesia!