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Drinking Problem? Cats Versus Dogs in the Slow Motion Animal Video of the Day!!!

The use of slow motion in this video really shows the difference between how cats and dogs drink water.  It's quite cool...

Will Humpback Whales Be Removed From Endangered Species List Soon?

Is the humpback whale about to join the American alligator, gray wolf and bald eagle in the “No Longer An Endangered Species List?”

Wolf Spider! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Unlike many people I know, I'm not afraid of spiders.  I feel that they fulfill a useful purpose in a household--like keeping it free of roaches and such.  But I have to admit that this critter looks like something out of a Godzilla movie...

True Facts About the Angler Fish -- The Animal Video of the Day!!!

I would hate to be a male angler fish.  When you see this hilarious and educational video, you'll see what I mean.

International Wolf Center Wins Coveted 2012-13 Pinnacle Award

The International Wolf Center in Ely, MN has earned its second Pinnacle Award for WolfLink™, a unique and effective way of connecting people with wolves using technology. The award presented by the Center for Interactive Learning Collaboration (CILC) recognizes excellence in videoconferencing programming.

20,000 Bees! The Swarming Animal Video of the Day!!!

How do you handle a swarm of bees that is 20,000 strong?  This brief news report will show you how a bee keeper solves this issue.  I would not recommend ever doing this...

It’s A Bear-Eat-Bear World In Canada!

A group of hikers enjoying the beautiful wilderness of Alberta, Canada’s Banff National Park made a shocking discovery when they found an immense grizzly bear eating something…

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