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The Top Five Invasive American Animals Invading The Earth!

America rocks! We have created the airplane, Xbox, automobile, internet and a whole bunch of other awesome goodies for everyone around the world to enjoy. Unfortunately, the rest of the world also has to deal with our invasive species too…

How to Feed a Two-headed Snake -- The Animal Video of the Day!!!

This two-headed Albino Honduran Milk Snake named Medusa is a bit difficult to feed as each of the heads have their own idea of which mouth should get the food.  Stuff like this freaks me out...

White Wombat -- The Unique Animal Video of the Day!!!

Okay... I've never seen anything like this before. Initially I thought this little critter was a pig.  But nope.  This is a rare White Wombat named Polar.  And he's just super cute....

Conservation 101: What Does It Mean To Be An Endangered Species?

We’ve heard about the plight of the endangered Sumatran rhinoceros, mountain gorilla, snow leopard and other endangered creatures since kindergarten, but how does an animal receive its conservation status?

American Crocodile Population Declines As Jamaicans Discover Taste For Croc Meat

Although the American crocodile has rebounded in Florida, the local Jamaican population is being decimated as the demand for crocodile meat and eggs grows…

How to Bathe a Baby Sloth -- The "Just in Case You Needed to Know" Animal Video of the Day!!!

I like the idea of giving a sloth a bath.  I has to be much easier than bathing a cat (which generally turns into a writhing wet mass of razor sharp claws).  At least a sloth would attack slowly...

True Facts About the Tapir -- The Hysterical Animal Video of the Day!!!

zfrank1 is at it again with a combination of humor and education that is sure to get a belly laugh or two.  This time he tackles the odd tapir in the form of a myth.  Really good stuff.

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