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See The Top 10 Invasive Species In Florida!

Escaped exotic pets, farm animals allowed to run free, and other wily species have taken advantage of Florida’s subtropical climate for hundreds of years. You might be surprised to learn about the animals living in my backyard:

Researchers Confirm That Starfish Have Terrible, Colorblind Vision!

While the specific stats found from the study really are fascinating, I certainly don’t think that anyone thought that starfish had anything close to what humans would call “a good sense of sight” in the first place…

Did You Know Crocodiles Enjoy Fruit Snacks?

That’s right armchair herpetologists! Alligators, crocodiles and other crocodilians will go way out of their way to eat some fruit for a complete, balanced and healthy diet. While that fact is really cool on its own, we all just want to watch giant gators chomp down watermelons, right?

Pro Pet Tip: Setting Up A Fancy Rat Cage

There are many ways to go about setting up your fancy rat’s new home, but with these invaluable tips, yours will be the happiest rats in your home! Those rats in the attic will be so jealous!

Polar Vortex Forces Zoo Polar Bear To Stay Indoors & Cub Takes First Steps!

You know the “Polar Vortex” weather phenomena that slammed North America last week was a bitter experience when a Chicago zoo won’t let their polar bear play in the subzero temperatures!

Snowy Owls Are Migrating To United States This Winter!

Snowy Owls are commonly found throughout the northern nations of Canada and Russia, but this year these large beautiful predatory birds have been found as far south as Florida. Why are these Arctic animals moving so far from the frozen tundra?

Hundreds Of Vultures Visiting Vinton, Virginia!

It’s that time again: Well over 100 migrating vultures are setting up camp in the town of Vinton, Virginia, and the citizens are already sick and tired of feeling like they are sharing their town with the Addams Family…

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