Dinosaurs Exist Today! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Dinosaurs walk among us.  They are real.  Who needs Jurassic Park when we can just go outside and watch them do their... dinosaur stuff?

183-Year-Old Tortoise Gets New Lease On Life With Healthy Diet

Jonathon, an approximately 183-year-old tortoise, is living proof a healthy diet can change your life. Find out here exactly what he ate and the amazing transformation it had on him. You'll also learn the average lifespan of giant tortoises and how taking a cue from them can help extend our own lives and that of our pets.

Time For A Different Kind Of Easter Egg

Not every kid is made to celebrate Easter with furry little bunnies or fluffy little chicks. They need something a bit more . . . challenging. To handle that try Dinosaur Eggs in their Easter baskets instead.

Sofa, So Good: Red Fox Caught Napping On Red Couch

Since the UK banned the traditional “sport” of fox-hunting back in 2004, the canny canine carnivores seem to appreciate not being hounded anymore. Then there's this red fox from urban London for whom life's not just good, it's sofa king good!

Unicorn On The Run

On Wednesday the California Highway Patrol was faced with a challenge of the sort you would never see on an old episode of CHiPs. That is because Jon and Ponch were never sent on a quest to capture a wayward unicorn. With truth being stranger than fiction the real officers found themselves led on a three-hour chase to capture the runaway creature.

Lend Me Your Ears! - 10 Adorable Animals Ready For Easter

Ears should never be underrated whether among the human population or those of our beloved pets. Of the latter, the rabbit stands out as the creature with probably the longest ears. Follow these adorable imposters of Peter Cottontail along bogus bunny trails  of their own, and in between searching for Easter eggs, have a laugh or two.

Even a T-Rex Needs Love -- The Valentine's Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Well, I think this explains why they are extinct; they can't even post a Valentine's Day video on time.  Oh, wait... that would be me.  I feel rather terrified right now...