Unicorn On The Run

On Wednesday the California Highway Patrol was faced with a challenge of the sort you would never see on an old episode of CHiPs. That is because Jon and Ponch were never sent on a quest to capture a wayward unicorn. With truth being stranger than fiction the real officers found themselves led on a three-hour chase to capture the runaway creature.

Lend Me Your Ears! - 10 Adorable Animals Ready For Easter

Ears should never be underrated whether among the human population or those of our beloved pets. Of the latter, the rabbit stands out as the creature with probably the longest ears. Follow these adorable imposters of Peter Cottontail along bogus bunny trails  of their own, and in between searching for Easter eggs, have a laugh or two.

Even a T-Rex Needs Love -- The Valentine's Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Well, I think this explains why they are extinct; they can't even post a Valentine's Day video on time.  Oh, wait... that would be me.  I feel rather terrified right now...

Five Of Toughest & Strongest Toys Your Dog Won't Be Able To Destroy

Does your dog have the jaws of a teething shark and the ferocity of a hungry crocodile? So does Jessie, my co-reviewing golden retriever, so I’m always on the lookout for toys she can’t shred within one minute or less, so here’s a shopping guide for big and strong puppy owners:

Puppy Monkey Baby -- The Twisted Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Sometimes I see something that makes my head twist rather like a dog hearing something beyond the human auditory range.  This Superbowl commercial made me do that.  I've seen it three times now, and I'm still confused...

Take A Gander At These Geese! – A 12 Goose Gallery

There are dozens of types of wild and domesticated geese, in an infinitely diverse range of colors and patterns, scattered around the planet earth. It would have taken me ages to gather a gander from each sub family for your viewing pleasure, so I sincerely hope that you’ll be happy with the top 12 geese pictures that I could find. Speaking of finding geese, it feels so strange to find Canada geese in the lakes around my home- Shouldn’t they be called Florida geese, or at the very least American geese? Never mind- Enjoy these boarder-hopping beauties!

PetsLady's Pick: Eeeew! Ice Worm Of The Day

Believe it or not, it is National Cordovan Ice Worm Day. In Cordova, Alaska, that means that this frigid little annelid is being honored with its own special festival. Don't ask me why.