Parachuting Beavers? What Else Don't We Know About The 1950s?

Just when you think you’ve heard it all comes the story of parachuting beavers over the skies of Idaho. If you live there currently, don’t bother running outside to see if it’s raining the furry, flat-tailed and buck-toothed creatures right now.

Jurassic World On A Tight Budget! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

There are some great video ideas that I just kick myself for not creating.  This is one of them.

Beware The Vampire Squirrel!

Vampires apparently do exist. Oh, I'm not talking about the old tales of Dracula, or even of the vampire bat. I'm talking about the rather terrifying vampire squirrel. Vampire bats are fairly boring compared to the reputed hunting activities of this furry rodent with a huge plume of a tail. It is a rare animal that scientists know little about since it hangs out in the rain forest of Borneo.

This Is One Big A** Spider! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Halloween is just around the corner!  Time for a few monsters now and then.  Today's video is guaranteed to freak out any arachnophobes out there--while still providing plenty of laughs.

International Animal Rescue: Help Save Little Gito And Other Animals!

International Animal Rescue isn’t just for wild or exotic animals in foreign countries. The group does work all over the world. They are made up of vets and nurses, both professional and volunteer. Their work at saving animals has made a difference in the lives of countless creatures around the globe.

Going Batty: Building Bat Houses Is Good For The Environment

Bats are essential for maintaining a healthy environment. As their natural habitats decline, building bat houses provides safe shelter that the creatures otherwise may not be able to find in order to rear their young and keep healthy population levels up.

They Wouldn't Be Extinct If They Had Trained This Hard -- The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

People that know me are aware of my aversion to working out.  I just... hate it.  I'm a thin guy (no extra weight here), and just don't get what all of the fun is from puking after pushing your body to its limits.  I suspect the dinosaurs had this same mindset.  But not this one...