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Get A Giraffe To Help With The Housework

There are times when housework just becomes a boring bit of drudgery with no redeeming value whatsoever. But what if you could get in play with your inner child while you did your chores? This fun Giraffe Toilet Brush can let you do just that -- or at least help convince your children to do it.

This Giraffe Is Part Librarian

There is something delightfully pastoral about watching giraffes browsing among the trees. You can bring that same sense of peace into your home with these Grazing Giraffe Bookends.

Whistling Giraffe Tea Kettle Makes Tea Time More Fun

Giraffes are gentle and pastoral animals as they browse among the savannas and grasslands of Africa eating the leaves of acacia trees. Bring this calm style into your home with this whimsical Whistling Giraffe Tea Kettle.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Giraffe Of The Day

Gigi the giraffe shows off her enormous talent for character acting in her starring role in "Attack of the Giant, Killer, Vampire-Zombie Giraffes." It will be on SyFy when hell freezes over. Maybe sooner on Fox.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Giraffe Of The Day

Give us a kiss, lovey. If you do I'll make sure that stupid camel doesn't visit you next Wednesday!

Hey Dude, Where's My Hotel? Residence Inn Recruits Giraffe For Commercials

Having worked domestically and internationally as a director of marketing with Marriott Hotels for years, I can honestly say (perhaps with prejudice), this hotel chain outshines its competition when it comes to advertising. The Residence Inn, one of their long-term-stay brands is continuing that tradition into the 21st Century, with the introduction of "Dude," the frequent-traveling giraffe.

Animals Up In Arms: A Look At Animals Fighting and Loving

How do animals argue? Are they really so different from us when it comes to expressing bad feelings? Do they ever do anything they regret, or is everything forgotten after the initial outburst? Read on for some insight into this most interesting concept.

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