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Animals Up In Arms: A Look At Animals Fighting and Loving

How do animals argue? Are they really so different from us when it comes to expressing bad feelings? Do they ever do anything they regret, or is everything forgotten after the initial outburst? Read on for some insight into this most interesting concept.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Animal of the Day

I love you, Mommy!

Animal Love: Giraffe Kisses Dying Handler Goodbye

A 54-year-old man named Mario had one last wish in life as he faces the end with terminal cancer. He wanted one more trip to the Diergaarde Blijdorp zoo in Rotterdam, Netherlands, to say goodbye to all of his friends there. He had spent most of his life there cleaning up the giraffe enclosure. He wanted to see the gentle animals he knew so well one last time.

Giraffe Goes Tourist

It sounds like the beginning of a lame joke -- "So a giraffe walks into a restaurant . . ." It's no joke. At The Lion Park just outside of Johannesburg, South Africa, a giraffe decided to see how the other half lives when he entered an open-air restaurant. It gave park-goers the surprise experience of a lifetime and was caught on video.

Play Zoo Tycoon & Microsoft Will Donate Money To Help Animal Conservation!

That’s right, gamers: You can make the world a better place for our animal friends by meeting certain challenges set in the newest installment of the hit videogame franchise Zoo Tycoon recently released for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Pass the controller, it’s time to save the planet!

Product Review – Broderpress Animal Pillows

I called out Broderpress earlier this month to showcase some of the best designer animal décor available online, and Shannon Broder herself sent me this adorable stegosaurus to put to the test. Spoiler Alert: It’s really great!

When Animals Party Hard -- The Drunken Wildlife Animal Video of the Day!!!

Did you ever wonder where wildlife goes to have fun?  Well, while it's not actually a bar, the fruit of the Marula tree ripens and falls to the ground.  Then it is... well... yeah... pretty much a bar for animals.

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