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Vampire Bats! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Vampire bats have a bad rap.  Sure, their life source stems from the blood of other living beings--which is just creepy.  But they are also vital to the stability of the ecosystem... and cute in a really ugly way.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Crazed Bat of the Day

It's mine! Mine, I tell you! All mine! Bwahahahahahaha. I love Memorial Day Picnics!

Go Batty Over Clothespins!

You don't have to be Morticia Addams to think that bat clothespins are the ultimate laundry chic. Of course, she would probably train actual bats to do the work. Since that isn't likely to work for you, you might want to go for these cute and cool bat clothespins instead.

Giant Bat! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Thank God these things eat only nectar and fruit.  With a six-foot wing-span, this thing would scare me to death if it came swooping out of the trees!  This informative video gives a brief glimpse into the Mega-bat.

Product Review – Animal Replica Toys by Safari Ltd

Who wouldn’t want their own lobby gorilla, bedroom bison or office penguin? If you’re looking for some special animal home décor, or the perfect gift for the nature fans in your life, then look no further than the huge range of goodies offered by my pals at Safari ltd! 

Go Batty For The Two State Flying Mammals!

Sure, every U.S. state has its own official bird, but this shout-out goes out to the three states that have adopted their representative bats! Apparently, registering a formal state bat is a relatively new thing that start in 1995- Does your home state honor their favorite bat species?

Bats In Africa: The Largest Mammal Migration In The World

The migration of 1.5 wildebeest in Africa is often referred to as the largest migration of mammals on Earth  The truth is that this only refers to land mammals. When bats migrate in Africa many millions begin to block out the sky. British photographer Will Burrard-Lucas has documented these migrations in Kasanka National Park in Zambia in an astonishing series of photographs.