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PetsLady's Pick: Cute Animal of the Day

I gots to go to the beeeeeaach! Spring Breaaaaaaak!

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Animal Of The Day

Now that is one BIG raincoat!

Scent Hounds Are All Ears

For scent hounds who are known for their larger than average 'drop ears,' it begs the question: "What's up with those dumbo-size auricles? Some say it provides their masters with an easy way to pick them up. President Lyndon B. Johnson had two beagles in the White House named Him and Her that raised the ire of the public when he lifted them by their ears while conducting a press conference on the White House lawn.

We've All Had Days When We've Seen This... Right? The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Okay, let's face it.  We're all adults here.  We've all had days in which we've done something stupid and we end out seeing (in a figurative sense) a manifestation of what's in that picture to the right.  That being said, the reactions of people in this video are hysterical.

Meet 3 Of Earth’s Loudest Animals!

When you’re trying to sleep in on the weekend, you might feel like that singing blue jay happily perched right outside your window is the loudest creature alive. Consider yourself lucky, as nature has plenty of much louder and more obnoxious animals that really tick off their neighbors!

Bubbles And Bella Are Best Buds

There is something about "odd" animal pairings that touches our hearts. Whether it is a moose apparently in love with a cow or a mama cat caring for ducklings, we are impressed by this cross-species connection. At times even size doesn't seem to matter -- as with the deep friendship between Bubbles the elephant and Bella, a black Labrador retriever. They take walks together, go for long swims, and even play fetch.

The Art of Elephants Panned By Critics?

A lot has been documented about Suda, the artsy elephant, ever since she first picked up a paint brush at the ripe of old age of 4 and painted what appeared to be a self-portrait. Residing in the Maetaeng Elephant Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, while this video doesn't use any special effects or trickery to display Suda's artistic ability, similar elephant paintings like this have been critiqued by the. . .

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