HubSpot Promotes ‘Bring Your Octopus & Alpaca’ To Work Program

Inbound marketing firm HubSpot, which has built a solid reputation of increasing traffic to websites is promoting another form of traffic this year — namely, herding pets and animals into their offices. In an effort to increase employee morale by upping the ante on Corporate America’s ‘Bring Your Dog to Work,’ programs, HubSpot’s top human resource gurus came up with a groundbreaking employee perk: Productive Employee Things -- better known as the P.E.T. Program.

It's Waffle Time At The Zoo

If your kitchen wasn't enough of a zoo at breakfast time, you can now really get it there with the totally cool Animal Shapes Waffle Maker.

Are These Elephants Fighting? The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Part of growing up, especially in the wild, is learning how to fight.  These two young elephants are trying to figure this out.  And don't worry--this is just friendly sparring.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Elephant Of The Day

Ooooo. Ther humans' watering hole is really nice. No crowdses, no mud. It tastes a little funny, but I can shower here.

An Elephant Never Forgets, But Humans Do

It is said that elephants have very long memories but, sadly, some humans lose much of theirs. These beautifully decorated Alzheimer's Support Elephant Figurines help raise money for Alzheimer's research. Someday everyone will be able to keep their memories -- just like elephants.

PetsLady's Pick: Joyful Snow Elephant Of The Day

Ooooo! Look at this here cold white stuffs! It falled right outs of ther sky!

Happy New Animals! Baby's First Steps -- The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Every year has to begin with baby steps.  It is a new beginning for many in the world--including these little cuties!