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Drone + Dolphins = Beauty! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

There are certain things on this planet that are simply too lovely for words.  This is one of them; let the video do its thing...

PetsLady's Pick: Smart Orangutan Of The Day

Here you thought that humans invented the umbrella!

Playing Catch With An Elephant -- The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

This elephant has a pretty good arm... um... nose... um... trunk.  Yeah, that's the right word.  Though his aim is slightly off at times, he definitely has the distance.

Never Mess With A Sexy Turtle! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Those of you with kids know how this turtle feels.  You put on the Barry White CD... candles... roses... a nice bottle of wine...  And then this guy shows up.

Cram That Food In! The Chipmunk Animal Video Of The Day!!!

There is a little part of me that wishes that humans ate the way chipmunks and squirrels do.  While conversation would decrease, just the sheer visual spectacle of dinner with friends and family would make up for it.

Surfing With Dolphins! The Cool Animal Video Of The Day!!!

This is how life on Earth should be.  Dolphins and humans sharing the same space and (for the most part) enjoying the same activity.  Videos such as this give me hope.

Be Nice And Water Your Bees

The plight of bees is of concern to everyone on the planet. Without them we are likely to starve. There is a lot of talk around about planting bee-friendly plants and letting a few of your dandelions hang around for them. But bees do not live by plants alone. It is time to be making sure that the helpful little insects also have plenty of water to drink without them having to risk their lives to get it.