Posted May 4, 2014 by John P. Barker

Well, it is Star Wars day.  And as a huge fan I felt compelled to show you the wonders of what it would be like to have an All-Terrain Armored-Transport as a pet.  Granted, it's much smaller than the lumbering machines in the movies--and seems much nicer as well...

Posted March 30, 2014 by Ron Callari

It's ironic that the biblical tale about saving animals during the Great Flood hasn't
cast any animal actors to be featured in the film. While PETA [People
for the Ethical Treatment of Animals] was most pleased with the
decision, at first blush it does seem somewhat disingenuous that real
animals weren't used to recreate about saving the planet's animals.

Posted March 9, 2014 by John P. Barker

How do you get a lady's attention while in the park?  Walk your cute puppy?  Push your baby around in a stroller?  No.  Those tactics are for wussies.  You take your dinosaur for a stroll...

Posted January 25, 2014 by Ron Callari

Who's afraid of bunnies? Who thinks rabbits have the capability for revenge? Not possible, you say? Yet how many
of you have childhood memories of receiving a bunny for Easter only to
discard it or let it run loose after you lost interest? Well such is the
motive for a hare named "Snowball," who's vowed to raise an army of
abandoned pets and is determined to wreak havoc on humanity and every
owner-loving pet.

Posted January 21, 2014 by Arnold Carreiro

The first Microsoft community poll to decide which of three invaluable
animal conservation groups that will receive $10,000 to has ended, and
it won’t be long until we can play Zoo Tycoon to help real Sumatran

Posted January 17, 2014 by Ron Callari

For those who lack the living quarters or have parents who will not allow a pet in the house, Animin Augmented
Reality (AR) pets might be your solution. These are virtual companions
you can actually play with and care for. The tech company that created
them has used augmented reality technology to allow digital pets to
literally roam around in the real world.

Posted March 7, 2013 by Ron Callari

To date, I've posted several stories pertaining to animals in the workplace.
But today, I focus on the creative genius of Young & Rubicam NY
whose imaginative TV commercial titled, "Meet Thomas: Creator of an
Alternate Universe
." In a touching one-minute vignette, this agency
unfolds a Walter Mitty type of tale about a commuter who daydreams about writing the Great American graphic novel.

Posted February 27, 2013 by Ron Callari

While the world's most popular virtual pets "Angry Birds" soar in popularity and Zynga's "Farmville"
is somewhat of a nostalgic icon of the last decade, do they hold enough
of the world's zeitgeist to transition into entertainment vehicles?
Apparently, according to recent reports, they're both going to give it a try!