PetsLady's Pick: Funny New Year's Cat Of The Day

Happy New Year! Whats? That was three days agos?

PetsLady's Pick: Cute New Years Piglet Of The Day

Okays, who is goings to helps me clean ups after ther party?

PetsLady's Pick: Happy Reindeer Of The Day

"I wishes you a Merry Christmas, I wishes you a Merry Christmas, I wishes you a Merry Christmas, and a happy reindeer!" HA!

Snow Cat! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

When a new Simon's Cat cartoon comes out, it is always worth watching.  In this case, the little kitty shows his artistic side... until the dog shows up.

Getting Holiday Pet Pics Taken With Your Favorite Furry Friends

If your pets are your family, there are places you can go and get their pictures taken with holiday backdrops and props, including Santa, to add to your photo album.

Santa's Elven Dogs And Cats! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Who knew that Santa's elves were actually dogs and cats?  They look quite happy and efficient--though a little sloppy when pouring food.

Deck The Stalls With Boughs Of Holly

Some people really go to town when it comes to Christmas decorations and that can even include decorating the barn or stable where they house their equine friends. So the question to ask before you do this is how safe are those boughs of holly, evergreens, and such? Like any other pet, horses are prone to taking a bite out of anything that catches their fancy. And horses aren't as easy to get to the vet in an emergency.