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Sad Farewell Visit From Giraffe At Friend's Deathbed [Video]

After a full career at Rotterdams's Diergaarde Blijdorp Zoo, Mario, a 54-year old grounds keeper asked to be transported back to see his beloved giraffes one more time. Suffering from terminal cancer, it was his dying wish that he reconnect with his friends before passing on.

NicoNico Nekomura iCat Makes A Cute Clear Case For The Apple iPhone 5c

The iCat is a clear smartphone jacket that enhances the look of your Apple iPhone 5C while letting the phone's true colors shine through. Four distinctive graphic designs feature the famously cute NicoNico Nekomura cats playfully interacting with Apple's signature logo.

The Cat Came Back: Lost Sweater-wearing Pet Now Home For The Holidays

Call it a Christmas miracle or simply a case of a cat whose sense of smell was dulled by seasonal ice and snow, but Meow-Meow is back in the arms of his loving family once again! The sweater-wearing black cat vanished on the evening of December 22nd but made it back to his Halifax, Nova Scotia home just in time for the opening of holiday gifts.

Cock-A-Poodle-Do? Chinese Chicken's Curls Could Popularize Permed Poultry!

Images of a curious curly-feathered chicken from China's Henan province have confused and delighted millions of netizens since photos of the luxuriously-coifed rooster were posted online. Though certainly the result of a chance mutation, the bizarre bird seems uniquely equipped to withstand the chill of an inland Chinese winter.

Moar Butter: A Cornucopia Of Cats Eating Corn

Can cats eat corn? You betcha, and a multitude of internet images do not lie! While our feline friends are obligate carnivores and non-meat foodstuffs like grapes, onions and chocolate are to be avoided, vegetables such as corn are just fine when enjoyed in moderation. As for these cats cheerfully chomping corn on the cob, moderation is the fur-thest thing from their minds. With that said, let the niblet nom-nom-nomming begin!

Is China's Snoopybabe The World's Cutest Cat?

Snoopybabe, an American short-hair and Persian crossbreed cat from Sicuan province, may indeed be the world's cutest cat but is she also the saddest? Not at all! Just as Grumpy Cat isn't really grouchy, trust that Snoopybabe is smiling on the inside.

No Coat, No Shoes, No Service: IKEA Monkey To Stay At Primate Sanctuary Indefinitely

Darwin the IKEA Monkey won't be reunited with either his human “mother” or his fashionable custom shearling coat, now that a Toronto judge has ruled he must spend the rest of his days at the Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary.

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