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What Would We Do Without Rubber Snakes? The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Truly, what would we do without rubber snakes?  Nothing gets a more visceral reaction than surprising somebody with one of these fake, squiggly things.  This is a good example of how well they work.

Python Hunt Begins To Curb Infestation

Florida is no stranger to invasive, non-native species, especially when it comes to the Burmese python. There are an estimated 150,000 of the snakes living and hunting in the Everglades and surrounding areas. With no natural predator in the area they are decimating the native wildlife. On Saturday the state started a month long python hunt event to help curb the spread of the species.

Cat Saves Toddler From Python

It was early on Sunday morning when an Australian woman was awakened by the sound of her cat hissing angrily. When she got up to investigate she found a six-foot python wrapped three-times around her two-year-old daughter's arm. The woman hates to think of what would have happened if the cat hadn't woken her up.

Plane Panics As Carry-On Cobra Escapes

If you think you've been on a flight from hell because of a screaming baby or a talkative neighbor, you got another think coming. Ninety passengers on an Egyptian Air flight from Cairo to Kuwait last week were terrorized by a cobra that one of the passengers had smuggled on board.

Oh, the Joys of a Rubber Snake -- The "Prank" Animal Video of the Day!!!

Who would have thought that a rubber snake on a string would cause so much fun?  I'm guilty of pranks such as this (both on the giving and receiving end--a buddy scared the hell out of me with a giant fake rat).  Be warned--there's a couple of naughty words said by the guy who gets pranked...

Animal Art Illusions by Radek Ossowski

Animals made of fruit! A sea horse's strange romance! Flaming leopards! Radek Ossowski uses optical illusions, animated designs and surreal images to create fun animal images you are sure to enjoy.

Teen Bitten By Snakes For Want Of A Cell Phone Signal

Earlier this month, a 16-year-old California girl, went in search of a cell phone signal while staying at her uncle's house east of San Diego. She had climbed a hill behind his house when she suddenly realized that she could hear the rattling sound all around her. In a panic she ran, accidentally running right into a nest of  rattlesnakes.

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