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Snake On A Plane: Python Flies Air Australia

Passengers on an Australian plane heading from the northeastern city of Carins to Papua New Guinea were shocked to see a ten foot long python dangling to the wing of their plane.

Pet Couture: Snake Sweater

A snake in a sweater? It is the sort of thing that you never thought you'd see in your lifetime -- at least outside of a Disney animated film. But Milky Joe is not just any snake. He is the beloved pet of Stephanie Christine Davidson who is a very caring and concerned snake mom.

USDA To Drop Poisoned Mice On Guam's Invasive Tree Snakes

Invasive Brown Tree Snakes have been decimating Guam's native birds for decades but their reign of terror could soon be coming to an end. The USDA has announced a pilot program that will see drug-laced mice dropped over the island from helicopters.

Cool Stuff – The Animal Table from Angry Squirrel Studio

Did you enjoy memorizing all of the periodic elements to pass chemistry in high school? Me neither- But the creative team from Angry Squirrel Studio created a several cute posters that organize the canine, feline and entire Kingdom Animalia families into a clean, orderly and delightfully cartoony fashion based on that classic elemental organizing chart.

What Would We Do Without Rubber Snakes? The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Truly, what would we do without rubber snakes?  Nothing gets a more visceral reaction than surprising somebody with one of these fake, squiggly things.  This is a good example of how well they work.

Python Hunt Begins To Curb Infestation

Florida is no stranger to invasive, non-native species, especially when it comes to the Burmese python. There are an estimated 150,000 of the snakes living and hunting in the Everglades and surrounding areas. With no natural predator in the area they are decimating the native wildlife. On Saturday the state started a month long python hunt event to help curb the spread of the species.

Cat Saves Toddler From Python

It was early on Sunday morning when an Australian woman was awakened by the sound of her cat hissing angrily. When she got up to investigate she found a six-foot python wrapped three-times around her two-year-old daughter's arm. The woman hates to think of what would have happened if the cat hadn't woken her up.

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