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Products For Humans

Color-Changing Cat Stroll UV Parasol Provides Protection Rain Or Shine

The Cat Stroll UV Parasol not only provides cooling shade in summer, it blocks 100% of dangerous UV rays. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE... the parasol's cute cat silhouettes and paw prints aren't just for show, they'll show you when to apply sunscreen by turning from white to pink.

Kid’s Hooded Animal Bath Towels Make Bath Time Fun Time!

Bath time isn't exactly fun time for many pets or kids... until now, that is! Kid’s Animal Bath Towels give bath-shy kids something to look forward to once they're clean and about to be dry.

Hamster Butts: So Small, So Cute, So... Insanely Popular?

Popular indeed – with two best-selling photo books and another on the way, hamster butts (“hamketsu” in Japanese) are sweeping Japan like, er, like only a hamster butt can.

Amazingly Lifelike Midofelt Wool Felt Artwork Soothes Grieving Pet Owners

Midori Nakayama is making a name for herself as a master of wool felt artwork memorializing dearly departed pets. Crafted with wire, wool felt, plastic eyes & noses and Nakayama's prodigious artistic talent, these lifelike recreations have helped grieving pet owners deal with their loss and move on with their lives.

Cat Milk Teeth & Whisker Boxes Help Preserve Precious Kittenhood Memories

The people who brought us the Baby's Umbilical Cord Stump Saver are at it again, and this time they've come for your kittens... specifically, their dropped milk teeth and kitty whiskers. What, you were going to just throw them away like toenail clippings?

Panda Pandemonium: Adorable Panda Products for The Home

Indigenous to south central China, what is it about this bear  that we humans find so adorable and fascinating? Is it their eyes or their manner or both? Read on for some facts and, hopefully, a few laughs too.

Bionic Kangaroo Designed To Bop To The Hip Hip Hop, Bang Bang Da Vinci Beat! [Videos]

For those who remember the Sugerhill Gang's "Rapper's Delight" lyrics recorded in 1979, it's a perfect theme song for a very unique kangaroo that just hopped off a German assembly line this past month. After two years of research, the tech company Festo and their engineers have unveiled. . .

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