Posted October 25, 2014 by John P. Barker

I've said it before (and I'm sure I'll say it again): Cats are weird.  Take this industrious little feline for example...

Posted June 22, 2013 by Arnold Carreiro

Joey the macaque was going to temporarily stay at an animal clinic while
his owner was away, but he made a daring, yet brief escape from his

Posted March 10, 2013 by Cindi Brown

A house without a cat is not a home, but if you want to take your little slice of home on the road with you, you have to be smart about it. Here are three tips for better travel with cats.

Posted March 5, 2013 by Arnold Carreiro

Here is a list of the most
popular theme parks in Florida that offer kenneling services and what
you’ll need to do before you drop your four-legged friend off for the
day. Just don’t forget to buy them a souvenir squeaky gator or
mouse-shaped ice cream treat too!

Posted January 23, 2013 by Lady Bee

Customarily, it's how you decorate the inside of a fish bowl or
an aquarium that creates its 'design.' But in the case of the Fish Hotel
by Umbra, the exterior design might just overshadow whatever you place

Posted July 12, 2012 by Savanna Y Lujan

Looking to go on vacation with your pet? Finding the right pet friendly hotel is a must. If your dog isn't receiving first class service, he's not getting the treatment he deserves. Read on to discover 10 of the best pet friendly hotels available.

Posted June 20, 2012 by Lady Bee

How many times has this scene been repeated in your house?  Every time I get a suitcase out, my dog's ears go back and his head goes down.  And once I've opened the bag, he's right inside with the same sheepish looks, and he won't be moved out. I hate to leave my pets!

Posted May 24, 2012 by Myra Per-Lee

If you're planning a trip anywhere in North America with your pet this summer, you'd be well-advised to take the new AAA Traveling With Your Pet PetBook, 14th Edition,
updated and released just last week. It covers just about everything
you need to know to make your pet's travel experience as comfortable and
fun as your own.