Well, You Gotta Try -- The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

This video is proof that no good deed goes unpunished.  Nature is a cruel mistress.  But, I must admit that I laughed out loud...

What Is A Walking Sausage? The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Thought to be extinct, the Lord Howe Stick Insect (known also as The Walking Sausage), is now a thriving--and somewhat scary looking--critter.  But how did it come back from the dead?

Snug As A Bug On A Mug

Hot beverages are a staple of this time of year, and what better way to imbibe in winter comfort than in the company of little denizens of summer. This elegant Bee Mug and this darling Ladybug Mug are a great way to help warm a winter's day.

PetsLady's Pick: Eeeew! Ice Worm Of The Day

Believe it or not, it is National Cordovan Ice Worm Day. In Cordova, Alaska, that means that this frigid little annelid is being honored with its own special festival. Don't ask me why.

Stung By A Scorpion In Slow Motion -- The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

I don't have many bug phobias.  Spiders don't bother me.  Roaches?  No problem.  But scorpions freak me out a bit--probably thanks to that sequence in Clash of the Titans.  This video does not help ease my mind...

Spidey Skills For Mankind: Slim To None

As much as that fictional superhero has occupied our zeitgeist for the last several decades, the science behind man acquiring the DNA of Spider-Man is extremely low, according to new research. A recent study announced by the University of Cambridge pointed to geckos as the largest animals able to scale smooth vertical walls.

How To Freak People Out -- The Spider Prank Animal Video Of The Day!!!

This is a pretty neat prank, combining iPad imagery with practical effects to create a really cool spider.  I suspect anyone would jump if exposed to this...