Humans & Pets

'Tis The Season To Deck The Halls With Ghouls And Goblins

Or in this case, skeletons a-plenty. Skel-A-Dog Skeleton Dog Statue has been on guard at your door for so long that he is down to skin and bones. Well, bones anyway. Now he'll really be able to scare away all comers! Check out his friends Skel-E-Cat and Skel-E-Squirrel too!

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Shower Cat Of The Day

"I'm singings in ther rain, justs singings in ther rain! Whats a glorious feelings, I'm happy agains!"

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Bedtime Dog Of The Day

Okays Dad! I is in my jammies and readys for my bedtime story!

Erik The Cat Celebrates Retirement

After 15 years of working as the rodent control officer on board the CSS Acadia in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Erik the Cat, a.k.a. Erik the Red, has retired from duty. It all started back in 1998 when the ginger tabby was a stray who wandered onto the ancient ship that had been transformed into a museum. He came aboard as a stowaway and never left -- until now.

Happy Hedgehog! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Given the fact that hedgehogs are over 50% bristling sharpness, what occurs in this video is out-of-the-ordinary.  This is one, very relaxed little hedgehog.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Red Baron Dog Of The Day

Where is that there beagle? He may be Worlds War I flying ace, but I is ther Red Baron!

Sleepy Baby Burro -- The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

What do you do with a tiny burro that has insomnia?  You rock him to sleep, that's what.