The 10 Hybrid Animals Video Of The Day!!!

While this picture is not really representative of a real hybrid creature, there are plenty of oddities out there.  I mean, come on... a Rhinocochicken?  But check this out...

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Little Bathing Horse Of The Day

Ahhhhhhhh! Is goods to relax in ther tub after a longs day of beings a wild and frisky colt!

Iffen Company Is A-Comin' Then Set Out The Howdy Mat

Now there's some folks who'll put out the welcome mat for ya and that's all fine and dandy. But for some folks that just comes off as a might too fancy just for the neighbors and the kinfolk, so they might rather put out the Howdy Doormat.

The Weekly Buzz! Elephants May Hold Cancer Cure, Raccoon Thinks She's A Dog, & More

It's been a busy and buzzy week for news relating to pets and wildlife.  You've got to see the Russian robo-cockroach, the raccoon who think she's a dog, and the lost chicken who was found drinking out of a London game store toilet.  Also find out why what researchers have learned about elephants may lead to a cure for cancer.  See the sweetheart of a kitty who saved her master from committing suicide. There's more, of course; check it out!

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Cat And Mini Horse Of The Day

What does you means this is a horse? I thoughts it was justs a weird smelling dog.

Cuddles Are Always A Good Thing -- The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

A cuddle is a good thing, no matter where it comes from.  Couple that with a few sloppy kisses, and you're off to a good day--like this little cat.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Braided Horse Of The Day

I hates it when Mom has one of her OCD spells when I gets curried. Buts I DO looks good!