Mac Is This Year's Newest Clydesdale!

Anheuser-Busch has announced the birth of their first Clydesdale foal of 2016. The adorable little equine was born this week. He's probably not far along enough to be featured in this year's Budweiser ads for the Super Bowl, but who knows? His name is Mac (enter your own McDonald's joke here: time for McBeer?) and he is already earmarked to run with the big boys someday.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Indoor Zebra Of The Day

If you are cold, they are cold. Bring your pets indoors -- even if they are zebras.

Why Don't We Ride Zebras? The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

As bizarre as this sounds, I've wondered why we don't ride zebras.  They seem robust.  The look like horses.  They seem to act like horses.  So, there has to be a reason that they've not been domesticated, right?

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Snow Pals Of The Day

Ther best ways to stay warms in ther snow is to shares it with a friend.

A Vision of Beauty -- The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Until I saw this video, I never considered the notion that dolphins and horses are kindred spirits.  You would think the horses would get spooked--but the opposite happens.

15 Christmas Critters To Warm Your Winter Heart!

We love Christmas. We love our pets as part of the family. If there is one thing that Christmas is about to many of us (other than celebrating the birth of Christ) it is about family. So it is only natural that we want to include animals in the holiday -- from tasty treats and presents to decking those halls and donning our gay apparel.

You'll Hold The Reins When It Rains

You may not feel like singing in the rain most of the time. If you are a horse lover this Horses Umbrella may be just the thing to change your tune.