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Lend Me Your Ears! - 10 Adorable Animals Ready For Easter

Ears should never be underrated whether among the human population or those of our beloved pets. Of the latter, the rabbit stands out as the creature with probably the longest ears. Follow these adorable imposters of Peter Cottontail along bogus bunny trails  of their own, and in between searching for Easter eggs, have a laugh or two.

Tips On Easter Treats For Your Dog

Like children, dogs love all the goodies in the Easter basket. Although your dog may like certain human foods, it may be inapropriate to feed them to your dog. Unfortunately, our pets also like to nibble on everything in the basket, even the plastic grass, toys or foil-wrappers on chocolate and candy. So here are a few Easter hazards and tips on how to avoid them:

How to Turn a Balloon Into a Rabbit -- The Magic Animal Video of the Day!!!

I'm a sucker for a good magic trick.  And if I can get a cute pet bunny just by blowing up a balloon and drawing a bunny face on it--well, count me in!

Bugs Bunny! The Bonus Easter Animal Video of the Day!!!

I have fond memories of this cartoon from when I was a kid.  While the entire cartoon was not available, this little portion should lighten up your day and make your Easter a great day--mainly because there isn't a crazy kid with a hammer involved...

Flemish Giant Rabbit! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

My ex-wife had a pet rabbit.  It was a mini-lop, and quite cute.  But it was nowhere near the size of this big guy!

What Would Jesus' Pets Have Done?

Did you ever speculate if Jesus had pets and if so, was he a dog or cat person? We know a lot about the baby Jesus and how that story relates to the Christmas holidays, and of course the end of Jesus' life as it pertains to Easter. But what about Jesus as a boy? What was his preferences and how did he relate to the animals that walked the Earth with him some 2000 years ago.

Night of the Lepus -- This Ain't No Easter Bunny...

If you're a fan of bad horror films, Night of the Lepus better be sitting on the shelf right next to Kingdom of Spiders.  Oh, and Happy Easter everyone--but make sure you watch this before the kiddies...

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