PetsLady's Pick: Bonus Halloween Bats Of The Day

Okays everyone! Let's get out and spread ther fear!

PetsLady's Pick: Cool Witch's Cat Of The Day

Yes, mine human mom is a witch. How coulds you tell?

Chico The Scary Giraffe -- The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

We need to help Chico for Halloween.  What noise does a giraffe make?

PetsLady's Pick: Extra! Crazy Little Cat Lady Of The Day

They are starting in this addiction younger every year!

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Naughty Chihuahua Of The Day

Ifs you try to dress me in a costumes then ol' Jack heres gets it!

GAH! What Is This?!??! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

If I saw this thing slowly moving toward me... well, let's just say that a change of pants would be in order.

5 Easy DIY Pet Costumes You Could Create In Your Sleep

Need a cute pet costume before Halloween, but don't have much time left? Keep reading for adorable DIY pet costumes!