Weird, Odd or Bizarre

Have A Hermit Crab For Christmas

There is nothing like having a special Christmas tree in your home. Sometimes that means having a few unusual ornaments. This fun Hermit Crab Ornament will definitely fit the bill this holiday season.

When Dogs Go Kayaking

It's not that seeing dogs in a kayak is all that rare or surprising. It's that they don't usually have seats of their own. Instead they normally squeeze in with their human, which can get a little awkward. So when retired surgeon David Bahnson wanted to add Susie to the jaunts that he and his wife Linda would take on the water he sacrificed some cargo space in the kayak to add a seat for the dog.

Mythical Creatures That Were Real! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Were (are) dragons real?  What about giant centipedes?  This video displays some interesting evidence that these creatures actually did exist.

The Bird Eating Spider -- The "Egad!" Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Spiders usually don't bother me.  But this arachnid is just plain scary!  Take a look of the size of this magnificent creature--if you've got the guts!

A Backflipping Hamster! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

We all have that one friend that has just a few too many drinks and tries to be the life of the party.  This little hamster is that one friend.

Helping A Baby Moose -- The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

I'm not sure how this poor little guy got himself into this predicament, but it is great to see that there are still kind people in the world to help him out!

Quite Stylish! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

There are certain things you just can't un-see.  This is one of them.