Time for that last summer barbecue! Oh, sure, summer isn't really over yet, but next weekend I switch over to tailgate parties.

Hi! Don't mind me. You just happened to drop by while I was daydreaming. This is my new superhero -- Octo-Puss!

In Western countries we don't think anything is wrong with having pets in our homes and loving them with a full heart. For hardline, conservative Muslims it is a different matter entirely. One man decided to challenge the view that dogs are "unclean" animals two years ago in Malaysia. Even though some Islamic officials declared that the "I Want to Touch a Dog" Event was offensive to their faith. The whole thing became very controversial.

Please close the refrigerator door. I am preparing for my historic trek to the Antarctic.

This amazing aquatic creature is a whale shark. It is the largest fish in existence in the oceans today.

Those large jars of puffy cheese balls you see in the stores can be sooooo tempting. They are not on your diet. You know they aren't good for you, but . . . well . . . sometimes you've just gotta. That kind of thinking was probably behind a young bear's dilemma when he got his head stuck inside one of these jars. His desire to taste the cheesy residue of this tasty treat nearly cost him his life.

Some people will do just about anything to take their pets on the plane with them. While cats and dogs are welcomed by most airlines, other pets are not so welcome. In the past there have been numerous stories of people trying to get their snakes through in their carry-on luggage. One man in China took a different approach last month when he tried to sneak his turtle on board disguised as a hamburger from KFC.

There is still almost a month of summer left when you will be out enjoying the weather and you will want to be keeping your favorite canned beverage cool. Take one last bite out of summer with a cold one thanks to a Shark Bite Can Coolie.