Posted July 25, 2017 by Laurie Kay Olson

The octopus is one of the most mysterious creatures on the planet. Even though scientists are understanding more and more about them, they never cease to amaze us. From their shape-shifting abilities for camouflage to their ability to unscrew a jar to get at food inside without being trained to do so is just plain incredible. Human interactions with octopuses in the wild come across as astonishing for something so alien to us.

Posted July 6, 2017 by Rebecca West

Preparing for a vacation can be a lot of work, but caring for your fish while you're away doesn't have to be. Check out these helpful tips for out-of-town feeding and tank care before taking your next trip.

Posted June 25, 2017 by Laurie Kay Olson

I don't care it this makes me look like a whale. I am a catfish. 

Posted June 13, 2017 by Ron Callari

You can travel the world over, but you probably will not find a country that displays a greater focus on animal advocacy than Switzerland. For such a small country, the Swiss know the importance of attending to their estimated 7 million pets that populate this land of neutrality.

Posted May 20, 2017 by Laurie Kay Olson

Hi! It's me. I'm just down here in the ocean horsing around. HA!

Posted April 27, 2017 by Laurie Kay Olson

When winter covers your vehicle with dirt, mud, and pollution the most any of us can hope for is for some idiot to think they are being clever by writing "wash me" with their finger. In Moscow people have a rare chance of having a work of art carefully etched into the muck by artist and illustrator Nikita Golubev. Most of these incredible images seem to be animals.

Posted April 12, 2017 by Rebecca West

Did you know that having an aquarium can offer the same health benefits as owning a dog or a cat? Read about all the different ways watching fish can improve our lives. You might just be surprised.

Posted April 11, 2017 by Laurie Kay Olson

The only thing most people know about the Japanese Puffer Fish is that it is called Fugu when they order it at their local sushi restaurant and that it can be poisonous if not prepared correctly. However there is a great deal more to this unassuming little gray fishy. The male of the species creates great works of art in pursuit of the female of the species.