Exotic Pets

The Very Strange Animals Video Of The Day!!!

The world is full of wonderful and bizarre life.  Here are a few examples of just how weird some of these critters are...

5 Best Pet Birds For Kids

Want a great pet bird but not sure of what to get? If your child is yearning for a pet bird, but your not sure what kind would be best for your child, it might be helpful to know about some of the best pet birds for kids. Here are five great  choices for a child-friendly bird.

Tickle My Tummy And See What Happens! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

A meerkat is a strange little animal.  I don't recall ever seeing on in person--only on television.  And I've never seen one do this...

How To Make A Raccoon Happy! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

It turns out that all you need is a hose to make a raccoon very, very happy.

The Buzz! Best City For Pets, Dog Makeup, And More...

The Internet contains a ton of news about pets and wildlife from all over the world, and we don't get to read all of it.  Well, here's some of the buzz you may have missed over the last few weeks that can inform you, pique your interest, make you laugh out loud, or just plain outrage you!

The first item might surprise you...

Need A Little Help Cleaning The House? The Animal Video Of The Day!!!!

Wanted: A diligent cleaner with a nice personality, opposing thumbs, and able to get into small spaces.

Position filled.

The Circus is NOT Coming to Town?

If U.S. Representative Jim Moran had had his way, the days of traveling circuses would have already come to an end. That’s right . . . “lions and tigers and bears . . . oh no!”  In 2014, he took an historic stand for animals by reintroducing the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act (H.R. 4525), which would end the use of wild and exotic animals in traveling circuses, over concerns about their welfare and safety risks they pose to us.