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PetsLady's Pick: Amazing Resue Dog Of The Day

Sometimes even the rescuers need to be rescued. Dog's got that covered!

Celebrities and Their Pets: Where Love Lies

Being in the public eye has its rewards and drawbacks. Down thrugh the decades, the rich and famous have indicated a love for their animals as strong as any bond that can be found anywhere. Check out the love that shines so brightly below.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Hippie Dog Of The Day

Peace out, man. Have you seen mai black light Jimi Hendrix poster? It's right next to my lava lamp and above mai Buddhist shrine to Lassie.

Scottie Versus Tomato! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

What do you get when you put a cherry tomato on the kitchen floor in front of a little dog?  You get cute, that's what.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Caddy Dog Of The Day

Mmpf! Without me this kid won't make it to his teen years, let alone the Masters Tourney!

Tally: The Dog That Thinks She's A Cat

Tally is a beautiful husky mix DOG. It is important to make the point that she really is a dog because this pretty pooch acts more like a cat. She curls up with all four paws tucked under her, like a cat. She likes to hang out under the table, like a cat. And she loves to get into boxes, like a cat. It all makes for one unusual dog.

Caught Red-Handed... er... Red Pawed! The "Guilty Dogs" Animal Video of the Day!!!

Dogs are bad liars.  When they know that they've done something wrong, they simply can't hide it.  This compilation of guilty dogs is just plain funny.

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