PetsLady's Pick: Funny Dangerous Dachshund Of The Day

One wrong moves and I will strangle your ankles! With my teefs! Toes are also fair games if you are wearings sandals!

The Sequel To Jurassic World Revealed! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

With Jurassic World raking in a staggering $500 million on its opening weekend, it was inevitable that a sequel would be announced!  Watch as the tale of Isla Nublar takes a turn to the canine.

Can This Dog Really Talk? The Amazing Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Marc Métral and his talking dog, Wendy, leave judges and audience alike entertained and perplexed with this incredible act.  Can Wendy talk?  It seems so...

This Little Kid Has An Attitude! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Tiny Elvis the Bulldog reads his mom (Patches) the riot act when she accidentally pops him in the head.  What results is quite a cute little temper tantrum.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Pizza Dog Of The Day

I has a hard time findings a day so bad that a slice can't make it alls better!

Unlikely Friends! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Throughout my time writing for this site, I've seen some odd animal friendships.  But I don't recall seeing anything as strange as this.  Watch as this crow acts like a dog and plays with his best friend.