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Pro Pet Tip: Keeping Your Pets Safe This Valentine’s Day!

Hooray! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and you know what that means, right? A spike in calls to the vet across the nation, that’s what! The chocolate, candles and flowers are always a high point of the holiday, but here’s a few tips to keep your furry friends out of potential dangers:

Animal Heroes: Wolf-Dog Hybrid Saves Her Owners' Lives

On a cold fall night back in 2006 Shana, a wolf-German Shepherd hybrid, came to the rescue of the 81-year-old couple who were running the animal sanctuary where she lived. They were out tending to the nightly routine and tending to injured animals. Suddenly a massive storm hit and knocked out the power. When they went outside to see what was happening they quickly found themselves trapped by thick snow and falling trees.

Nooo... The "I Don't Want to Go In My Kennel" Animal Video of the Day!!!

No means no!  And this cute husky is quite adamant about not going into his kennel.

Baby + Dog + Popcorn = The Super Cute Animal Video of the Day!!!

What is cuter than a laughing baby?  Not much.  And this little girl is having a blast watching her dog eat popcorn.

Woman Offers Strange Reward To Help Find Her Missing Dog

When your beloved dog goes missing and you don't really have the money to offer a reward what do you do? You get creative and think laterally. That's exactly what one woman in Ohio did after her dogs (from A to Z) got out though an opened gate to go walk about. While the wayward Ajna was quickly found, Zoro turned out to be much more elusive.

The Other Side Of Pit Bulls: Peaches, The Boston Marathon Therapy Dog

Pit bulls have gotten a really bad reputation over the past couple of decades and it has led to numerous communities banning the breed. While some of the dogs have shown aggressive and even violent tendencies, they can also have a sweet, caring side that gets far less press. This has led to many debates over whether it is really the dogs or the owners that are at fault. Last year Peaches was called in to help people deal with the trauma from the Boston Marathon bombing.

Adopt a Pet! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

By now we all know Lil Bub and her owner, Mike.  To me, this is just a dream story of two beings colliding at the exact right moment to help each other.  You can see the love--and that's rare in this world.  Check out this video....

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