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Adopt a Pet! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

By now we all know Lil Bub and her owner, Mike.  To me, this is just a dream story of two beings colliding at the exact right moment to help each other.  You can see the love--and that's rare in this world.  Check out this video....

Bless Your Pet With St. Francis Of Assisi

With the current pope of the Catholic Church making the unusual choice of taking the name Francis as his papal name, there has been a renewed interest in Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals and the environment. You can bring the blessing of the Saint upon your dog or cat with the addition of a St. Francis tag to their collar.

A Dog Helps Doctors With Surgery

When 7-year-old Kaelyn Krawczyk (KK) needed to undergo surgery last month her doctors decided that they needed some extra expert help in monitoring her condition. So they decided that the best help they could ask for in the situation was from the little girl's service dog, JJ. It was definitely a first for Duke University Medical Center and it probably won't be the last.

Dogs and Cats on Ice! Well... More Like Snow -- The Animal Video of the Day!!!

It amazes me that most cats and dogs despise baths, but will roll all over the place in snow.  Check out these little buddies as they frolic in the winter weather.

The Top Three Weird & Wacky Dog Toys!

Neon rubber bones and cuddly sock monkeys are dog toy staples, but if you’re ready to show off something truly unique the next time you and your canine pal hit the dog park, check out these fun oddball chew toys:

Critters Eating Watermelon! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

It might sound boring at first, but watching these animals eat watermelon is really cute.  I like the turtles the best....

What Are The Top 10 Most Mischievous Pets?

As much as we love our fuzzy friends, the little imps somehow manage to get themselves into trouble at one point or another. The ASPCA put together a list of the ten pets that statistically more likely to get into potentially dangerous situations, and unfortunately, all of my animal buddies made the list!

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