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Obama’s Pups Deal With Hawaiian Quarantine For Vacation!

Although President Barack Obama took Bo and Sunny, his family’s pair of Portuguese Water Dogs, with them to the tropical paradise of Hawaii to enjoy the winter holidays, the furry duo still had to deal with the strict policies for vacationing pooches!

This Dog Loves the Water Slide! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

This dog knows how to party!  So it's the neighbor's dog... but I wouldn't care.  Look at how much fun he's having!

Dogs and Fireworks -- The Amazingly Stupid Bonus Animal Video of the Day!!!

You just can't fight stupid.  When watching this video, I want you to pay attention to all of the laughter.  Things like this make me angry.  Make sure your four-legged friends are safe on New Year's Eve.  Don't act like these people.

This is an Amazing Dog! The Wow Animal Video of the Day!!!

Wow!  This dog, named Jumpy, is really intelligent--and agile.  This is what Superman's dog would be like...

The Other Side of Pit Bulls: Elijah Gets A Home For Christmas

Back in October an injured pit bull that was near death was rescued by Andi Davis as she was hiking on a mountain in Arizona. Her heart immediately went out to the animal and she picked up the 47-pound dog and carried him a half mile down the mountain. Then she took him to the Arizona Humane Society where they discovered that he had been shot.

Twelve Dogs Of Christmas = One Happy Holiday!

There is nothing like having your pets around at Christmas, but it leads to the question -- Is it really possible to have too many dogs? Check out this fun book, "The Twelve Dogs of Christmas," and video and decide for yourself!

Get Ready to Cry -- The Awesome Animal Video of the Day!!!

A special part of my heart goes out to those that rescue animals.  It takes a lot of work and fortitude.  I don't know that I would be able to keep myself together.  In this case, this dog is not only rescued, but shows just how loving a pet she can be.

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