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PetsLady's Pick: Cute Dog At The Doctor Photo Of The Day

*SIGH* Now I know why they call them "patients." Still, I prefer this to going to the vet.

Dog-Eat-Dog World In Canine Apocalypse 'White God'

We've all read the apocalyptic tales handed down since the Old Testament's Book of Revelation. We've all speculated on the the possibility of the end of the world coming as the result of a nuclear bomb, an alien invasion. . . heck, if the AMC network had their way, it could be the Walking Dead that wipe out the planet. But, the world ending by 'man's best friend?' What happened? What could possibly cause our most beloved pets to go postal on us?

Pa Kettle Wins Mayoral Race In Colorado

The town of Divide, Colorado, was very divided last month as they faced the mayoral elections and the astounding range of eleven candidates -- and not a human among them. Not surprisingly the election went to the dogs, well, one dog anyway. The winner was a soulful looking bloodhound by the name of Pa Kettle. The runner-up, and new vice-mayor, is a wolf named Keyni.

Miniature Horses Make Excellent 'Seeing Eyes' For Blind Persons

Dogs have been used to assist blind and low-vision persons for more than a century.  They must undergo intensive training; their masters' lives depend on them.  So too, the miniature horse, whose guide training began as an experiment in 1999, and has grown since thanks to blind persons throughout the world who, for one reason or another, have not been able to use guide dogs.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Wizard Of Dogs Of The Day

There's no place like bone. There's no place like bone! Of course I wouldn't mind giving one of those flying monkeys a try!

Human vs Dog Race Shows Off Dogs Trained To Safely Restrain

The “Heartbeat 50m” human vs dog race held in the Chinese city of Changsha featured various people – many dressed in costumes – being chased by specially trained dogs. That's ruff!

Entertain Your Cat Or Dog With A Pet Sitter DVD

You are a busy person, and even though you adore your cat, dog, or bird, there are times when you need a little help keeping them entertained and engaged. If you haven't heard of the Pet Sitter videos then it is time you did.

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