My Pet Has Cancer - 8 Must Know Tips For Comfort And Care

Has your pet been recently diagnosed with cancer? Are you desperate to do all you can do to save and care for  your beloved pet, whatever it takes? Read on for key must know tips on how to do the best for your pet (and yourself) in this most difficult time.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Harry Potter Dog Of The Day

I is Harry Potter. I don't care too much abouts ther magic, but I will chase ther Golden Snitch all days long.

PetsLady's Pick: Adorable Robin Hood Dog Of The Day

Hai! My name is Wishbone and today I am imagining that I am Robin Hood. I played him on my television show in ther episode "Paw Prints of Thieves."

Happy Robin Hood Day With Disney's Robin Hood

May 1st had traditionally been a day to celebrate Robin Hood. This goes back centuries. A fun way to celebrate with the kids is to watch Disney's Robin Hood. Each of the characters is portrayed as an animal.

Pit Stops For Pooches At Airports

Many people aren't aware that U.S. airports are required to provide "pet relief areas" to accommodate service animals. These areas are also available to traveling pets. Since the law requiring these areas does not specify how these areas are to be equipped, where they are to be located, or how many are available, they can vary widely.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Veterinary Dog Of The Day

I wants to be a veterinarian when I grows up!

Refugee Dogs Saved From South Korean Dinner Tables, Second Chance: U.S. & Canada

The consideration of dogs as a food product is unfathomable by U.S. standards. The term “dog meat” is deemed unconscionable by most societies. Yet, the practice of butchering canines for human consumption still exists in the 21st century. Unfortunately, dog meat is purchased from farms and consumed as traditional cuisine in various parts of world, including China, Vietnam, Cameroon, Ghana Liberia and South Korea