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Death Unable To Part Man From His Best Friend

This is the kind of story that urban legends are made of -- and yet having been picked up by major media outlets -- it appears to be true. One very loyal German Shepherd by the name of Capitán won't allow even death to separate him from his master.  Seven years ago, when Miguel Guzmán died in 2007, his dog was not only able to seek out his cemetery, but he also sleeps on top his grave stone nightly.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Dog And Mouse Of The Day

Aaaaaaaaiiiiyyyyyyyy! I told you not to sneak up on me like that! You could give me a heart attack! For a moment I thought it was the cat and you know how I feel about her!

Check The Bathroom: It's Raining Cats And Dogs!

When you step into the shower does it feel like it's raining cats and dogs? Why not expand on the theme? With this cute Raining Cats and Dogs Shower Curtain you can have a cool bathroom theme for kids and adults.

Hank, The Baseball Dog

Hank's story is something of a Cinderella fairy tale. He was a skinny stray with matted fur when he wandered into the ball, er, well, ballgame. It was spring training in Arizona to be precise. It was the Milwaukee Brewers' training field. The team took to the scruffy little fur ball and, without having to try out, he became a team member.

Dog Beds: The Final Frontier

This Star Trek Captain's Chair Pet Bed is so cute and so fun that you may just need to go out and adopt a dog to have an excuse to buy one. The captain's chair bed is modeled on the iconic command chair from the original, landmark Star Trek television series from the 1960s.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Dog Bath Of The Day

There is nothing quite like a cool, relaxing bath on a hot summer day. Expect for a big bowl of my favorite kibble, or a squirrel to bark at, or a rabbit carcass to drag home and freak out my human mom . . . oh, yeah, it's a dogs life!

The Pet Collective's 'Twenty Fur' Debuts With Jack Bowwow Barking Up A Storm

Forget Jack Bauer's 24 -  there's a new agent in town that's dog-gone funnier - and he gets to the point a lot quicker! His mission opens with "the following takes place between 2:58PM and 3:00PM - events occur in dog years." Apparently a threat was issued against CTU (Canine Terrier Unit) that cats were dumping chocolate into the water supply. It's now up to "Jack Bowwow" to save the day --erhh, the next 2 minutes. . .

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