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Fun For All: Remote Control Mouse

A Mini Remote Control Mouse can be fun for the whole family -- including the cats and dogs. While your kids will love playing with it, your cat or dog can get a get a great deal of indoor exercise chasing this really not-so-mini rodent around the house while you relax and watch TV.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Smart Dog Of The Day

Amazing! All of these recipes and not one for how to prepare cat. Although there is one for rabbit. Ooooooo, someday!

Animals In Art Down Through History

Down through the ages artistic expression has always included the depiction of animals, whether they are beloved family pets or objects of prey in a primitive world. Visit this unexpected gallery of animals as some artists see them, unlikely as those visions might be.

Cats and Dogs: Here's The Hook

A hook on the wall is a handy thing since it can keep so much for you at arm's reach. But no one ever said that they needed to be dull and boring. Just look at these delightful Dog (and Cat) Cast Iron Hooks!

We All Need Rest After a Job Well Done -- The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Everyone has had one of those days where work simply wears them out.  This goes the same for dogs...

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Ballerina Pug Of The Day

My adagio still needs some work, but I is ready to go chase all those swans in Swan Lake.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Dog At The Doctor Photo Of The Day

*SIGH* Now I know why they call them "patients." Still, I prefer this to going to the vet.

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