Posted March 24, 2011 by Lady Bee

What are your cat's favorite indoor
activities?  Scratching and sniffing, by any chance?  Uh-huh.  The new
Scratch 'n Sniff may not be the first cat product to combine scratching
with sniffing catnip, but it's probably the most purr-fectly designed one yet...


Posted March 9, 2011 by Lady Bee

There are lots of puzzles on the market for dogs, but indoor cats need
their noggins switched on too. And indoor cats have a tendency to gain
weight, which can lead to digestive problems and less mobility.
Fortunately, Aikiou didn't just design an interactive feeder for dogs,
but a special feeder for cats, which slows down your pet's eating and
digestion, as well as providing some fun!


Posted February 27, 2011 by Lady Bee

Yesterday, I wrote about ways you can delay or prevent cognitive dysfunction, or dementia, in your dogs and cats, but what if telltale signs are already showing up?

Do cats deserve eco-friendly homes too? Herb'n Maid and SPACE Architecture & Design thinks so and are hosting an eco-challenge called Gimme Shelter to help city cats. To win contestants have to build an eco-friendly pet home.

Posted September 14, 2010 by Lady Bee

If you've lived with a cat for more than a day, you know the length of
his attention span.  Cats tire very quickly of anything humans
think might interest them.  But here's a cat toy that offers somewhat
more likelihood of your cat not becoming bored too soon after you've purchased it.

Posted August 2, 2010 by Lady Bee

Hot on the heels of Choken-Bako, the wind-up dogs that ate your coins, comes Oshikko Inu, "DO NOT Pee In the House!

Posted June 24, 2010 by Lady Bee

grooming saves money, but can also enhance your relationship with your
pet.  Do it daily, gently (always working in the direction of the hair
growth!),  reward your pet, and make grooming fun for your pet.  There
will still be times you want to take your pet to the groomer for nail
trimming and ear cleaning... and a good haircut.  But you can reduce
those visits by half, if you can manage their fur 'issues.'


Posted June 3, 2010 by Lady Bee

Almost three years ago I wrote my first blog for InventorSpot. 
It was about ways to keep your pets cool in the summer.  Those products
are still great for chilling out your pets in the summer, but I thought
I would add another 10 to the list.