Posted October 26, 2012 by Laurie Kay Olson

This creature may be seriously FUGLY, but what happened to one of its species recently was far uglier than this bird could ever be. Today: the Helmeted Guinea Fowl.

Posted October 24, 2012 by Julio Baloo Mamalu

Olivia at Hip Hop Candy creates cute and cuddly creatures in a variety of ways. Animal plushies, candy, fashion and more!

Posted October 24, 2012 by John P. Barker

I like coffee.  And so does this little lovebird.  But I don't think she understands that you don't make the coffee while you're in the pot...

Posted October 16, 2012 by Harry Zirlin

WildMetro, a conservation group dedicated to preserving and enhancing natural areas in urban environments, is battling invasive plants, saplings that want to be shade trees and vandals in an effort to maintain a beautiful meadow in the Bronx. 

Posted October 16, 2012 by John P. Barker

This little bird is in for a feast.  Its a meal fit for a king.  Okay--its more like meal worms fit for a king...

Posted October 14, 2012 by Kitty Devine

What would you buy if you had been born with a silver spoon in your
mouth (aka, filthy rich)? Perhaps you would follow your passion for organic urban gardening with a luxury hen house inspired by Versailles.

Posted October 12, 2012 by John P. Barker

The male shows off his bling.  The woman plays hard to get.  Maybe we're not so different from birds after all...

Posted October 12, 2012 by Laurie Kay Olson

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. They also say "a
face only a mother could love." Then there is just plain FUGLY! Click on
the piglet to see this week's Fugly Friday pick. This time the emu is up.