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Need An Office Assistant? The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Can this Robin handle the demands of an office job, or will Batman have to come to the rescue?

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Ballet Chicks Of The Day

Shoulds we be doing Swan Lake when we don't have webbed feets?

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Hungry Bird Of The Day

Humans really know how to lay out a feast! And I love the ambiance of the place!

Police Stop Ostrich Racing Through Traffic

Rush hour is hard enough to get through without having to deal with an ostrich in the way. An ostrich? Yes, indeed. This week drivers in Zhejiang Province in China were faced with this distraction while navigating a multi-lane highway. It was often going against traffic and was even knocked down in a collision with a motorcycle, but the hearty bird just hopped up and kept on going.

Your Throat Is The Perfect Place For Swallows

Anyone can have a necklace that shows a single bird in flight. This beautiful Swallows Charms Necklace has an entire flock winging their way across your chest.

Crank The Cute Knob Up To 11 -- The Tiny Owl Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Look at that little face!  Who wouldn't want to rub this adorable bird's soft feathers?

R2-D2 Bird! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

As an unabashed Star Wars fan, I immediately fell in love with this little bird.  But can he do maintenance on a starship?

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