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Cock Of The Walk, Or How Did The Chicken Cross The Sea?

The chickens of Hawaii are a very hardy breed, dissimilar to any that have made their way to your dining room table. While domestic chickens on the mainland no longer resemble their ancient ancestors, those that reside on the Hawaiian islands are a different story. The Red Junglefowl — the chicken's closest living relative — is believed to have been introduced to Hawaii by Polynesians centuries ago.

Safari Puzzle Blocks Are Child's Play

If you want your child's toys to do double duty, then Safari Puzzle Blocks are just the thing. They fit together as a puzzle and work as playing blocks when they are apart. It is designed to exercise your child's mind with creative play.

Nomadic Songbirds Capable Of 1700 Mile Nonstop Flights

There are very few turboprop planes that can fly a 1,000-mile nonstop trip. That’s about the distance from New York to southern Florida. Some can fly that many miles downwind, but when the wind is pushing against the aircraft, it’s nearly impossible.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Kiwi Vs. Kiwi Of The Day

I love puns and this is the punniest. Get it?

Shake It, Baby! The Dancing Bird Video Of The Day!!!

Those who know me also know that when I dance I look like a scarecrow having a seizure.  This little bird just plain puts me to shame with its smooth moves...

These Animals Have A Lot To Say--And To Sing! The Fun Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Sure, these animals can talk.  But its the flamingo dancing to Michael Jackson that makes this video worth it.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Belled Bird Of The Day

Some people call me a ding-a-ling for wearing my bell, but it is a safety precaution..