HubSpot Promotes ‘Bring Your Octopus & Alpaca’ To Work Program

Inbound marketing firm HubSpot, which has built a solid reputation of increasing traffic to websites is promoting another form of traffic this year — namely, herding pets and animals into their offices. In an effort to increase employee morale by upping the ante on Corporate America’s ‘Bring Your Dog to Work,’ programs, HubSpot’s top human resource gurus came up with a groundbreaking employee perk: Productive Employee Things -- better known as the P.E.T. Program.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Cat And Monkey Of The Day

Moms finally founds a way to brush mine fur comfortable. Meet Raoul. He is mine fur-dresser.

Gorillas, Endangered Gentle Giants With A Heart Of Gold

While gorillas are often characterized in film as wild and mean-tempered jungle beasts, there’s too much evidence in the real world that suggests the contrary. These magnificent creatures are not only our closest cousins on the evolutionary scale (98% of their DNA is identical to that of humans) . . .

Puppy Monkey Baby -- The Twisted Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Sometimes I see something that makes my head twist rather like a dog hearing something beyond the human auditory range.  This Superbowl commercial made me do that.  I've seen it three times now, and I'm still confused...

Funny Monkeys! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Monkeys can be curious, naughty and tenacious--which can lead to some pretty funny results.  Just watch how much chaos these little guys can cause in such a short amount of time!

Copyright Case: To Thine Own Selfie Be True, Unless You’re A Monkey?

Last year, Wikipedia posted ‘selfies’ taken by a female Indonesian macaque monkey with the disclaimer: “This file is in the public domain, because as the work of a non-human animal, it has no human author in whom copyright is vested.” On the other hand, PETA and other animal rights advocacy groups feel differently.

2015, Watershed Year for Animal Rights

 According to many animal advocates, this year had the highest impact for animals, ever. And animal advocacy has had a long history from the early teachings of Buddha and nonviolence to Saint Francis’ doctrines of kindness to all living creatures to current times where the United States alone now counts more than 20,00 animal protection groups.