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The Best Surprises To Give A Bear Fan!

So you’ve got to give a special one of a kind present to someone who is a huge bear buff, but they already have a ton of teddies and more gummy bears than Willie Wonka could ever dream of… Why grin and bear it, when you can just buy them something unique from my ultimate cheat sheet for bear lovers?

Bing's Top 10 Beautiful Endangered Species Desktop Backgrounds!

Here’s a new batch of Bing’s most amazing background images of some of earth’s scarcest and most beloved wildlife. Just in case your zoo doesn’t feature these endangered creatures, and you aren’t browsing from the jungles, seas and grasslands they naturally live in, I’ve collected ten brilliant images to spruce up your desktop:

The Top 3 Wildest Animal Fighters In North America!

While I’m not advocating violence, watching animals fight over territory, food and mating rights in nature is both awe inspiring and fun. Big and tough creatures are smacking, clawing, and bashing skulls all over Canada and the United States, and I’ve found three really impressive fights caught on video!

Never Say "No" to Panda -- The Animal Video of the Day!!!

I don't know why, but I've watched this about 10 times and laugh every time.  Don't ever say, "No" to Panda.  Ever.

Bear Shows Up for Video Shoot -- The Surprise Animal Video of the Day!!!

This is not remotely what I expected to happen in this video.  Watch how the bear reacts to all of the equipment on this commercial set.

Polar Vortex Forces Zoo Polar Bear To Stay Indoors & Cub Takes First Steps!

You know the “Polar Vortex” weather phenomena that slammed North America last week was a bitter experience when a Chicago zoo won’t let their polar bear play in the subzero temperatures!

Bipolar Bears Found Swinging Between Two Poles?

Bipolar syndrome or manic-depressive illness has affected man down through the ages, while other animal species [whether domesticated or found in the wild] appear not to be affected by this mental disorder. That was until recent research discovered the 'bipolar bear.' Also known as the 'north-south' bears, this unique species is known to migrate between the north and south poles so. . .

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