Animals From The First Thanksgiving

The pilgrims had to seriously rely on wildlife to survive back in the day. It just wasn't possible to bring a whole host of livestock with them when they came to the New World. In fact, the only animals that came along on the journey for certain were a couple of dogs -- an English mastiff and an English spaniel. So meat had to come in the form of game, and some of what they ate may surprise you.

U.S. Government Finally Ends Research On Chimps, Hooray!

Happy days are here at last for chimpanzees and animal lovers! The U.S. government has announced that it will finally end decades of research conducted on the primates that so closely resemble humans in their genetic makeup and behavior.

Beware: Animals That Sleep With One Eye Open

Like almost all expressions, there's an origin for the sleeping-with-one-eye open saying. That's because certain animals and reptiles are known for doing it. Can you guess which ones?

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Raccoon Bandit Of The Day

Me ands my friend are heres for Halloween. Gives us all your candies ands nobody gets hurts.

It's A Dog's Life For Pumpkin The Raccoon

Pumpkin the Raccoon's prospects were dim after falling out of her nest, breaking a leg and being abandoned by her mother. Things changed fast, however, when a caring family with two rescue dogs took Pumpkin in and made her a welcome part of their interspecies family.

Tickle My Tummy And See What Happens! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

A meerkat is a strange little animal.  I don't recall ever seeing on in person--only on television.  And I've never seen one do this...

How To Make A Raccoon Happy! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

It turns out that all you need is a hose to make a raccoon very, very happy.