Parrots Stump For Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign certainly does seem to be for the birds. Just about everybody now knows about the little bird that flew into one of his rallies and hung out on the podium with him. However, that is not the only bird to be involved in the campaign. Sir Henry, the parrot, is actually "working" in a Sanders campaign office in East Tennessee.

Parrots Doin' The Cool Things That They Do! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

I've had a few birds as pets in my life.  The first was a little parakeet that quoted lines from Star Trek.  The second was a green death machine that tried to bite my eye out.  So... you can say I've not had much luck in the bird arena.  But these birds are quite cute and very funny...

Parrot And Bunny Toy -- The Best Friends Animal Video Of The Day!!!

We all had our favorite stuffed animal when we were young.  Mine was a little stuffed lamb.  In the case of this parrot: a little bunny.

This Parrot Is Living The Good Life! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

I want to have the life of this little African Grey.  The sea, the sky, all of the amenities provided by a luxurious lifestyle.  This is one happy little bird.

And The Winner Of The Cute Contest Is -- The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

When you see this video you will have the same thought as I: Why can't I ever have this much fun?

A Very Cute Weapon Of Mass Destruction! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Destruction can come in a cute package.  In this case the package is a little Cockatoo that loves playing with towers made of cups...

A Swarm Of Budgies! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

One budgie is cute.  A million budgies is a bit overwhelming.  Just the noise alone would be something bordering on insanity...