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Bing’s Top 10 Beautiful Bird Desktop Backgrounds!

Just in case you haven’t tried it out yet, Bing is Microsoft’s search engine, and it presents a stunning photo on its homepage each and every day. I’ve collected ten of my favorite birdy backdrops for you to use as desktop wallpaper. Enjoy!

See The Top 10 Invasive Species In Florida!

Escaped exotic pets, farm animals allowed to run free, and other wily species have taken advantage of Florida’s subtropical climate for hundreds of years. You might be surprised to learn about the animals living in my backyard:

12 Zoo Animal Wallpapers To Liven Up Your Desktop!

Do you have a long week at the office? Need to finish up that research paper before the end of the semester? Don’t you just want to drop everything that you’re doing to go visit the zoo, but you just can’t? Transform your desktop with these beautiful zoo animal wallpapers and pretend you’re there until you get to enjoy winter break!

Animals Make Some Bizarre Noises -- The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Animals make some really odd noises, many of which don't sound like they should be coming out of that particular species.  There are some interesting sounds in this video.  And it also taught me that goats can be scary.

5 Helpful & Healthy Feeding Tips For Bird Owners

We all want the best for our feathered friends, so I’ve put together a list of useful information for your bird to get the most nutrition out of its diet. When your bird is healthy, satisfied and happy, everyone’s a winner!

The Immigration Of Argentinean Monk Parrots Hoping For Green Cards

Immigration is not only a U.S. issue of extreme importance for the nation, over the course of the last forty years it's a case of deep concern for the monk parrots who have made Edgewater, New Jersey their home.

Periodicals For Penguins! The Top Three Magazines For Bird Admirers

If you’ve taken a fancy to our fine feathered friends to the point that you’d like some extra ducks, eagles, jays, cranes, cardinals, kiwis, crows and more birds in your mailbox each month, take a lark- I mean look at the top three bird magazines:

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