Snowy Owls Are Migrating To United States This Winter!

Snowy Owls are commonly found throughout the northern nations of Canada and Russia, but this year these large beautiful predatory birds have been found as far south as Florida. Why are these Arctic animals moving so far from the frozen tundra?

Snow Birds Flock South To Spy On White Snowy Owls

Northerners have developed a now-familiar migratory pattern of leaving their empty nests in the North to head South during their retirement years -- or seasonally (December through the March) -- if they can't afford relocation. In the past, they used to be easily identifiable by their white hair color (or sometimes light blue or orange from a dye job gone bad) and were often witnessed driving gas-guzzling Cadillacs or Lincolns down Highway 1.

Peabody's Bath Time -- The Animal Video of the Day!!!

I don't know about you, but I find my morning shower to be the best part of my day.  It all goes down hill from there.  I suspect this little owl feels the same--though hopefully his day goes much better than many of mine.  I dunno... maybe he gets to eat a mouse or something.  Not that I particularly want to eat a mouse...

Periodicals For Penguins! The Top Three Magazines For Bird Admirers

If you’ve taken a fancy to our fine feathered friends to the point that you’d like some extra ducks, eagles, jays, cranes, cardinals, kiwis, crows and more birds in your mailbox each month, take a lark- I mean look at the top three bird magazines:

Osaka Owl Cafe Is A Real Hoot!

Those who love Japan's plethora of animal-themed cafes can add a new creature eatery to their list: Owl Store (Fukurou-no-Mise) in Osaka.

Product Review – Animal Replica Toys by Safari Ltd

Who wouldn’t want their own lobby gorilla, bedroom bison or office penguin? If you’re looking for some special animal home décor, or the perfect gift for the nature fans in your life, then look no further than the huge range of goodies offered by my pals at Safari ltd! 

A Photo Gallery Of 15 Eggcellent Bird Eggs

With about 10,000 unique species of birds on planet Earth, there are as many types of specialized bird eggs to shelter developing unborn chicks. I’ve rounded up a gallery of 15 different styles of bird eggs to show off how avian eggs wildly vary in shape, color and texture. It’s funny to think that no matter how much these eggs contrast in design, they all have the exact same function. Enjoy these eggcellent pictures!