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Charming Animal Illustrations of Gabriella Barouch

Gabriella Barouch creates charming animal illustrations that draw you into unexpected, special worlds.

Baby Owls! The "I Don't Have to Tell You This is Cute" Animal Video of the Day!!!

Yep.  There you have it.  Cuteness in tiny little feathered, fuzzy bundles.  There's some serious blinkin' going on here...

Palace of Fine Arts Attracts A Chirp, Tweets & Hoots?

What does the Twitterati and Barn Owls have in common? Well, it seems they are known to frequent historic landmarks, such as the Palace of Fine Arts in the Marina District of San Francisco, California. But what makes it a venue of consequence for those that tweet, chirp or hoot?

Cosmic Animals of Drew Turner

Drew Turner produces a series of wildlife designs, animations and even outfits based on his art work. His style is equal parts galactic and natural.

10 Fun Owl Ornaments To Make Christmas a Hoo-oo-t

These fun owl ornaments will bring some wisdom to your tree and make Christmas a real hoo-oo-t!

20 + Unique Animal Ornaments - Not Just For Your Christmas Tree!

If you love animals, you will love these unusual, adorable, animal ornaments from all over the world, most of them hand-crafted. Some may be your pets; others, animals you admire from afar. But I suspect that if you choose these to decorate your tree or to adorn other home holiday scenes, you won’t want to put them away until next year. So, start thinking about permanent places to hang them. These make unique gifts too!

Animal Art Illusions by Radek Ossowski

Animals made of fruit! A sea horse's strange romance! Flaming leopards! Radek Ossowski uses optical illusions, animated designs and surreal images to create fun animal images you are sure to enjoy.