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Animal Jobs

Cross Between Adams & Liebovitz, Photographer Captures Praying Mantis In Nature & Under Microscope

Internationally acclaimed photographers the likes of Ansel Adams and Annie Liebovitz have produced iconic photography while influencing others who are just beginning to make their mark. While capturing raw and majestic landscapes or portraits of celebrities under the spotlight might seem like juxtaposed imagery -- in the very capable hands of Igor Siwanowic. . .

Animal Love: Giraffe Kisses Dying Handler Goodbye

A 54-year-old man named Mario had one last wish in life as he faces the end with terminal cancer. He wanted one more trip to the Diergaarde Blijdorp zoo in Rotterdam, Netherlands, to say goodbye to all of his friends there. He had spent most of his life there cleaning up the giraffe enclosure. He wanted to see the gentle animals he knew so well one last time.

Mobile Veterinarians Hopeful That New Law Will Make DEA Stop Targeting Them

The law governing controlled substances has long been a sore spot for veterinarians that treat patients in their own homes. Under this law the vets were banned from using certain drugs, such as for pain, anesthesia, or euthanasia,  outside of their primary place of business. This has made it difficult for them to treat animals in their homes without having the DEA breathing down their necks.

CORRECT Pets' Predictions & Prognostications For Super Bowl XLVIII [Videos]

Our pets always seem to get into the act. Whether it's conducting their own Super Bowl [this year marks the 'Puppy Bowl's' 10th year] or it's the birth of the newest Clydesdale foal, our furry and aquatic friends are always there to remind us they liked to be included in the Big Game's annual festivities.

Grumpy Cat: The Movie? The Animal Video of the Day!!!

I'm not one to jump on the band-wagon with celebrity trends, but I can't ignore that both Lil Bub and Grumpy Cat have caught my attention.  And I want to rub their bellies.  There.  I said it.

Cockroach Farming In China Is Big Business

For most of us the first thought we have on the idea of raising cockroaches as livestock is "Eeeewwww!" In the Western world cockroaches are something we chase down with a can of Raid and avoid at all costs. In the Eastern world the cockroach is used for medicine, cosmetics, and as a tasty treat. Farmers in China are looking on the insects to make them some serious cash since the bugs can bring in $20 a pound or more.

Manhattan's 220 May Be The Dark Horse In NYC's Mayoral Race

Remember Sparta's 300, the mighty warriors who fought to their deaths in Ancient Greece? Immortalized in films, its the tale of of a small force of men whose courage remained steadfast in going up against the massive Persian armies in 480 BC. Flash forward some 2500+ years, and a smaller group of "underdogs" are up against similar odds in Manhattan -- but this time, they're not men - nor dogs - they're horses!

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