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May 1, 2012
by 23 Paws and Me
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Thanks!! And Vet Discount Program Feedback...

Thank you!!  Actually, I do not have experience with vet discount services, but I was intrigued by your comment and reviewed the Pet Assure webstie for a bit.  Very interesting - I can see some of their points regarding pet insurance vs. their program.  (For anyone reading this thread who is not familiar with the program, Pet Assure is membership-based program in which members receive a 25% discount on all veterinary care with a participating veterinarian.)  I think I would need to do a bit more research to comment fairly, so perhaps I can research and and write more in a future post.  But one recommendation I can make off the top of my head is this:  when I was comparing premiums and coverage for my recently-acquired insurance, I made a spreadsheet that tabulated our major veterinary expenses from the past four years and compared what we would have paid and what we would have saved for each event with each option.  That might be a good place to start in considering this discount program as well to determine how it would impact your typical veterinary spending.  There is a lot to consider, and this way of starting allows you to at least begin quantifying the options in a way that is based on your actual experiences.


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