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Looking for a good dog treat to give your pup, but sick of all the artificial additives that are usually found in manufactured dog treats? Make your own with one of these five recipes.

Posted by John P. Barker

This little guy's got some guts.  You can just hear the thought: "There's something weird and it's near my Mom.  I'm gonna charge it."

Posted by Myra Per-Lee

First, there was Fat Cat, who ran a valiant race against Vladimir Putin for President of Russia, despite his refusal to ride a horse bare-breasted.

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Saturday marked the third annual celebration of World Rhino Day, which began in an effort to raise awareness of the species. The event turned into success across the world.

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A voluntary recall has been issued by Kasel
Associated Industries for one of its Boots & Barkley packaged

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Many people consider their pet to be a full member of their family.  And lots of folks believe their pet is part of the family, even though they may not consider it to be a full-fledged member.  Re

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Egad!  If you thought the dog in yesterday's video was patient, wait until you see this.  Truly, this cat is a Zen Master...

Cat hair on your drying rack? It's more likely than you think, and it's even more likely there's an actual cat attached.