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What time is it?  Time for the cat to play with the fish on this quirky yet elegant metal wall clock! 

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To raise awareness for an on-going problem with pet overpopulation, local activist Michael Rosenberg took matters into his own hands.

Halloween may have been made for kids but judging by the looks of these ten freaky scary costumes, the end-of-October occult outing is definitely going to the dogs.

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Are you looking for a great gift to get a new cat owner? Or maybe are you looking for a book for yourself to brush up on the ins and out of cat ownership?

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For those still scratching their heads as to
how Big Bird became fodder for this year's presidential campaign, it

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Cats are not usually the sort of animal that will put up with wearing any sort of clothing.

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Getting a good guard dog can be a difficult task.  This video shows ten different breeds (with number 5 being the scariest thing I've ever seen.  Seriously, I would have to change my pants if that

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The only thing that will make you smile more than the adorable animal image on these fun clogs is their Birkenstock comfort!