Black cats have emerged as one of Halloween's most enduring symbols though they're really no more fierce, fearful or frightening than any other cat. Don't believe us?

Posted by Laurie Kay Olson

This rare blue iguana, found only in the Cayman Islands, is showing signs of coming back from the brink of extinction.

Posted by 23 Paws and Me

These are just about the coolest cat lover gift ever!

Posted by Kitty Devine

What would you buy if you had been born with a silver spoon in your

Posted by John P. Barker

Cats have a knack of getting into situations that they can't get out of--like when they climb trees and can't get down.  But I can't figure out how this little cat got so far into this shirt...

Posted by Laurie Kay Olson

Preliminary approval has been given by the city council in Los Angeles to a proposal that would require pet stores to acquire the pets that they put up for sale to come from local shelters and resc

Posted by Daylyn Snyder

Does your dog like to find sticks outside to play with? Are you looking for a safer alternative? If so, this product may be just what you need.