Corine Perier's art has a subtlety, mixing natural things in a seemless way. Her animal combinations make for some unexpectedly beatiful creatures.

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The male shows off his bling.  The woman plays hard to get.  Maybe we're not so different from birds after all...

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They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. They also say "a
face only a mother could love." Then there is just plain FUGLY! Click on

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Whether you're hosting a party for kids, families, or adults only this
Halloween, these life-size inflatable animals are a neat addition

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Cats have something of an enigmatic history that even experts don't agree on beyond 4,000 years.

Artist Jacub Gagnon paints surreal animal art as incredibly realistic as it is incredibly weird!

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Sad news was announced by the Denver Zoo on Wednesday. Mimi, their beloved Asian elephant, was euthanized late Tuesday.