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Insurance companies are getting more calls about insuring exotic pets rather than regular animals.

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Have some lake-sized pee stains on your carpet?  Maybe Urine Gone is the solution...

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If you love native American icons and want to give your kitty, rabbit,
or other small furry pet a fun house to hide or play, then take a look

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Litter.  Whoever thought up the name 'litter' to describe products that
domestic cats are supposed to do their business in, was sure smart. 

Sure kittens are tiny and cute but Marshmallow, a fluffy white feline furball born prematurely, may be the tiniest and cutest of them all.

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Boy, this iPhone app makes it so easy to have what every pet owner
wants, an instant opportunity to show off and browse through the most

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Until the publication of Professor Xu Xing's findings this week in the journal Nature, the last living dinosaur discovered with feathers was the Beipiasaurus,

Shironeko, a long-time Internet pet phenomenon described as “The Most Relaxed Cat In The World,” lives in Japan and loves baskets.