Posted by Lady Bee

A voluntary recall has been issued by Kasel
Associated Industries for one of its Boots & Barkley packaged

Posted by Curt Miller

Many people consider their pet to be a full member of their family.  And lots of folks believe their pet is part of the family, even though they may not consider it to be a full-fledged member.  Re

Posted by John P. Barker

Egad!  If you thought the dog in yesterday's video was patient, wait until you see this.  Truly, this cat is a Zen Master...

Cat hair on your drying rack? It's more likely than you think, and it's even more likely there's an actual cat attached.

Posted by John P. Barker

I don't know that I would be capable of having the patience of this dog.  He seems to be taking a mini-hoofed beating from these little goats.  Yet he doesn't even break a sweat.  Oh, wait...

Posted by Ron Callari

October 7th marks the one day that pet owners and their pets are
welcomed to attend the same mass at Saint John the Divine in New York

Posted by John P. Barker

Okay.  I'm aware that the Venus Flytrap is a plant.  But it's a meat-eating plant, so that puts it on my radar as a pet of sorts.  These things always creeped me out as a kid.  And they smell like

Posted by Savanna Y Lujan

Has your pet been sprayed by a skunk? Keep reading to learn how to get rid of the smell.