PetsLady's Pick: Funny St. Lucia Cats Of The Day

Hai! We is being Swedish cats todays and celebratings Sankta Lucia Day. I is Saint Lucy and my littles brother heres is ther Star Boy.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Rein-Dog Of The Day

Hai! I is Rudog, the Wet-Nosed Reindeer! I has a very juicy nose. And ifs you ever touched its, you woulds also say it's cold.

Horses Playing In Snow -- The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

As I live in Florida, snow is a very (VERY) rare event, so when I see a video like this it just brings me joy.  Watch these horses as they play in some deep snow--and love every second of it.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Christmas Budgie Of The Day

"I'll has a blue Christmas withouts you! I'll be so blue justs thinkings about you!"

5 Best Pets For Kids Before Getting A Dog Or Cat

Small starter pets can help kids get into the swing of caring for larger pets that may require more time, care and discipline.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Dreidel Cat Of The Day

Of all ther Hanukkah traditions spinning ther dreidel is ther best.

Marnie The Santa Dog! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Ho Ho Woof!  This little tongue wagging dog is all decked out for Christmas!  And our lives are happier for it...

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Latke Dog Of The Day

Wut? Just 'causes it is Hanukkah doesn't means that you gets to eat all ther latkes!

World's First Test Tube Puppies Make Their Debut

Through the use of in vitro fertilization (IVF) the world’s first litter of puppies has been born, and they’re just as cute and bouncy as puppies created the old fashioned way.

How Many Ways Can You Say Cat?

When a kid only wants one thing for Christmas they can be incredibly persistent toward achieving this goal. This is not just wishful thinking at this point, it is a mission from God. One little girl wants a cat for Christmas and she wants it so badly that she looked up how to say cat in 16 languages -- including several that do not use a Roman alphabet. That is more determination than most of us put into anything.

Give The Gift Of Microbes

Microbes are the tiniest animals on the planet and you can give your friends just exactly the disease you choose for them this holiday season, or just go for the Christmas Tree Microbe Box to infect them with the spirit of the season.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Wreathed Horse Of The Day

Ifs they were goings to puts all this stuffs arounds my neck they could have at leasts made it edible.

Diving With Orcas! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Orcas have been called "The Wolves of the Sea."  That being said, I'm not sure I would like to find myself in this situation...

Tips And Hacks On How To Dress Your Dog For The Holidays

Want to  dress up your dog for the holiday season? Nothing brings a smile in the short days of December than an adorable dog wiggling around in a cute outfit. So if you want to have your dog enjoying the Christmas season in style, here are some tips and suggestions...

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Wrapping Kitten Of The Day

I is helping Moms wrap ther presents by fluffings ther bows. This ther funnest evers!

How To Freak People Out -- The Spider Prank Animal Video Of The Day!!!

This is a pretty neat prank, combining iPad imagery with practical effects to create a really cool spider.  I suspect anyone would jump if exposed to this...

Feline Series On NY Times Best Seller List Purrfect For Cat Lovers And Mystery Fans Alike

If you love cats and are an avid reader looking for material beyond Cat Fancy to quench your thirsts, an author on the New York Times Best Seller list has something for you with her A Cats and Curios Mystery series.

Bring The North AND South Poles Your Yard This Year

It's not too late to still add some awesome decorations outside your house. Entertain the whole neighborhood with this cool Inflatable Polar Bear with Penguins.

Santa Brings Dolly To Girl For Christmas

If you have reached a point in life where you no longer believe in Santa, this story may, just may, make you rethink that stance. When Dolly the Boston terrier was stolen from outside a local shop her owner, 7-year-old Isla Kerr, decided that there was only one course of action -- to write a letter to Santa because, as she told her mother, "Santa can do anything."

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Hanukkah Corgi Dog Of The Day

Okays, I don't knows why they dressed me likes this, but I rocks this look!