The Mystery Of The Vampire Rabbit

One of the favorite monsters of Halloween is the legendary vampire. Since vampires first appeared hundreds of years ago it has taken on many forms in popular culture -- from humans to animals and from live-action to animation. One of the strangest vampires out there is the statue of a vampire rabbit that graces the exterior of historic cathedral buildings in Newcastle, England.

PetsLady's Pick: Hilarious Squirrel Jack O'Lantern Of The Day

Hey, Nutsy! Check this outs! Woooooooooooo! I is scary!

I Suspect We Know Where This Is Going... The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

I think its safe to say that we all wish that the family dog... or little kid... or intoxicated Mom or Dad... could perform this little act...

International Animal Rescue: Help Save Little Gito And Other Animals!

International Animal Rescue isn’t just for wild or exotic animals in foreign countries. The group does work all over the world. They are made up of vets and nurses, both professional and volunteer. Their work at saving animals has made a difference in the lives of countless creatures around the globe.

Puttin' On The Ritz? The Rare Tuxedo Squirrel

This squirrel looks like he was putting on a tuxedo as his Halloween costume this year. In actuality the "tuxedo squirrel" is a piebald squirrel. This coloration is more common in other animals -- such as cats, dogs, horses, and birds. In squirrels this condition is very rare, making a sighting of one of the creatures something of a sensation.

Michael Vick’s ‘Vicktory Dogs’ are ‘The Champions’ In New Documentary

Nothing could ever right the wrongs perpetrated by NFL quarterback Michael Vick and his now infamous dog fighting matches of 2007 -- even though he was caught and pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges. One has to only wonder why he wasn't brought to justice sooner as surely the name: ‘Bad Newz Kennels’ should have been a tip-off to the authorities.

Light Up Your Halloween With Black Cats

Halloween can be a rather dark night -- which is part of its charm, of course. But you still may want to shed a little light on the holiday and your can do it in an equally charming way with these cute Cat and Pumpkin and Cats and Bats light sets.

PetsLady's Pick: Relaxed Buddha Cat Of The Day

I lives ther life I choose and I gets to choose wheres I snooze.

And The Winner Of The Cute Contest Is -- The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

When you see this video you will have the same thought as I: Why can't I ever have this much fun?

German Shepherd Becomes Model For Rare Color-Blindness Study

A German shepherd with vision loss may play a key role in finding a cure for human achromatopsia, a rare form of color blindness. Achromatopsia is an inherited disorder affecting roughly 1 in 33,000 people in the U.S.

It's A Dog's Life For Pumpkin The Raccoon

Pumpkin the Raccoon's prospects were dim after falling out of her nest, breaking a leg and being abandoned by her mother. Things changed fast, however, when a caring family with two rescue dogs took Pumpkin in and made her a welcome part of their interspecies family.

Pet Fur All Over Your House? Try "Shed Be Gone"

We like to look into new products and their creators, and I've just learned that the inventor of Shed Be Gone, a new deshedding tool for dogs and cats, is a truck driver who had an idea for a tool to keep his dog's fur from getting all over his house and, no doubt, his clothes and his truck cab. Shed Be Gone recently hit the market and customers love it. Why not?  If used as directed, it promises to reduce shedding by 90 percent!

PetsLady's Pick: Big Batty Dog Of The Day

Peoples keep mistaking me for a bat, but I is a doggy dragon. Rawr!

A Week In The Life Of Your Cat -- The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Anyone with a little feline friend will recognize every aspect of this video.  What I find funny is that the makers of this think that these activities happen in a week.  Let's just be clear: this happens every single day.

This Guy Didn't Catch The Type Of Catfish He Was Expecting -- The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

I suspect that when this guy went out to catch catfish, he wasn't expecting the type this is tiny, purrs, has fur, and swims...

Help Your Yard Go A Bit Batty!

One of the most iconic figures of Halloween is that denizen of the night -- the bat. Add a beautiful Bat on a Branch sculpture to one of your trees for Halloween, or as decorative art the whole year 'round.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Trick Or Treat Alligator Of The Day

"Avon calling!" No, that's not it. Wait . . . "Land shark!" No, that's not it either. Oh! I've got it. "Trick or treat!"

Going Batty: Building Bat Houses Is Good For The Environment

Bats are essential for maintaining a healthy environment. As their natural habitats decline, building bat houses provides safe shelter that the creatures otherwise may not be able to find in order to rear their young and keep healthy population levels up.

Salem Saberhagen: The Ultimate Halloween Cat

If there is one main animal icon of Halloween it is the black cat. It is the familiar of witches everywhere. In American popular culture there is one black cat that is more famous than all others it is Salem Saberhagen from the television show Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. And -- boy! -- is he familiar with his witches. In fact, he tended to get all the best lines and delivered them with skill.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Hiding Cat Of The Day

I is at ther vets office. Ther end of ther world has comes.