PetsLady's Pick: Cute Egg-Hunting Dogs Of The Day

We dids really well in the Easter eggs hunt, but . . .

The Walking Dog -- The Zombie Animal Video Of The Day!!!

I think even Rick from The Walking Dead would shy away from this canine...

Meet Tumbelina, The Paralyzed Kitten -- The Incredible Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Tumbelina is paralyzed.  But, thanks to animal rescue, she now has a second chance to prove that you can't keep a good cat down

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Singing Bunny Of The Day

"Here comes Peter Cottontail! Hopping down the bunny trail!" Wait a minute . . .

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Cat In The Hat Of The Day

They tolds me that this is my Easter hat. But I don't knows about that.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Easter Bonnet Dog Of The Day

I has my Easter bonnet all ready to go. I looks truly fetching. Hey! Where's my stick?

Monkeys Used To Cure Polio In 1900s, Now Polio Used To Cure Cancer In 2015

Who could have imagined that a dreadful epidemic could actually be instrumental in potentially curing another disease, equally as heinous. Yet over the course of the last 100 years, medical science has seemingly found a connection between two disparate diseases that is as startling as it is miraculous. . . and it all started with a group of test monkeys.

Here's Why They Named Him Jughead!

For the past few weeks there had been reports of a black Labrador retriever running around in the area of a park in Makato, Minnesota. What made this report so unusual is that the poor pup had a plastic jar stuck on his head. He had been quite shy of humans and therefore difficult to catch. Katherine and Don Nelson and their friend Sue Leach decided to take a shot at trying to help the dog. Their efforts paid off.

These Animals Have A Lot To Say--And To Sing! The Fun Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Sure, these animals can talk.  But its the flamingo dancing to Michael Jackson that makes this video worth it.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Praying Otter Of The Day

Dear God, please help me feast on an abundance of clams, oysters, and mussels from your teeming ocean today. . .

Some Bunny Cleaned Up My Desk

Here comes Peter Cottontail hopping over to help you keep your desk organized and looking great! With this cute Bunny Desk Organizer and Bunny Tape Dispenser you can have a hopping good time!

Who's Da Brave Guard Dog? You Are! Yes, You Are! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Dobermans have gotten a bad rap in the past.  Bred as guard dogs, its sometimes hard to forget that they are still dogs, each with his/her own personality.  Take this ferocious beast, for example...

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Towel Combat Cat Of The Day

These paper towels snucked up on me whiles I was making my rounds. I valiantly fought to save you fromthems.

Hey Dude, Where’s My Panda?

Perhaps if Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott were equipped with GPS technology on their smartphones back in 2000 they might have been able to track down their car with less difficulty. But wait. . .it's not the writers' fault they failed to include a mention of that technology in their screenplay of “Dude, Where’s my Car,” it’s just that ‘assisted GPS for mobile devices and desktops,’ didn’t really go mainstream until 2004.

Cleopatra The Tortoise Gets A Sporty New Shell

Cleopatra is a teenage mutant (ninja) tortoise. So far she has had a fairly hard life and it shows in the shape of her shell. She has been badly malnourished and it has caused her shell to become malformed, cracked and worn away in one spot. This means that bacteria can get in under her shell and cost her her life. But help has arrived in the form of a 3D printed shell that is helping her heal.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Cowboy Pug Of The Day

Whoa there pardner! There ain't room in this food dish for two of us!

Meet Richard, The Latest Innovation In Feline Floor Cleaning! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Richard the Ragdoll Cat has a future in either the cleaning industry or in curling.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Gator Sneeze Of The Day

No! Don't land there! No! You are going to make me . . .  ACHOOOOO!

This Big Piggy Went To The Market! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

What do you do if you're a Chinese farmer and you need transportation.  Well, with no horse available, you turn to your giant porcine pal.

Cool Dragonflies Will Light Up Your Summer

With spring here summer cannot be far behind. That means that it is time to plan improvements for your outdoor living space. These adorable little Garden Dragonflies Solar Lights are decorative during the day and become a group of blinking fireflies at night.

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