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PetsLady's Pick: Totally Cool Albino Sea Turtle Of The Day

This cute albino sea turtle shows that you can be yourself and still be one of the crowd.

Top 5 Best Dog Foods: Dog Food Reviews

The Pet Food Review has announced its top 5 dog food picks for 2014.  I like the quality of the reviews from this source because they go beyond what a dog needs to survive - as they say, 'dogs evolved to be survivors' - but look for what food a dog thrives on. And what a dog thrives on are the ingredients optimized to 'mimic his ancestral diet.' Additionally, the Pet Food Review gets imput from dog owners on a variety of factors. 

And They Called It Puppy Love ♪ ♫ ♪ . . . Literally!

For anyone who remembers Paul Anka’s ballad dedicated to Annette Funicello back in the 1960s, or the revival by Donny Osmond in the the 70s, the term 'puppy love' refers to young love often experienced by sweethearts in their adolescence. While sometimes used in a derogatory fashion associated with infatuation, Sigmund Freud was far from underestimating the power and the proverbial durability of one’s first love.

Pet Candy Of The Day #21115

Check out PetsLady's Pet Candy Of The Day where we feed you daily motivation with a healthy scoop of cute animals.

Bring Nirvana To Your Garden With Zen Animals

It may still be winter, but spring is right around the corner and your garden awaits your attention. You can create an even more peaceful sanctuary in your garden by adding one of these adorable Zen Animal Sculptures to the landscape.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Book Cat Of The Day

There is something about cats and books. If they aren't trying to keep us from reading them then they seem to want to nap with them.

Pet Candy Of The Day #21015

Check out PetsLady's Pet Candy Of The Day where we feed you daily motivation with a healthy scoop of cute animals.

Check Out Japan's Fox Village

The people of Japan love animals. They have an island just for cats and another island just for rabbits. So why wouldn't they set up a "village" just for foxes. The Zao Fox Village in the Miyagi Prefecture is a sanctuary for foxes and is home to over 100 of the creatures. There are six different breeds of fox in the park and the place is open to visitors. Tourists come from all over Japan to get to interact with the animals.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Noki The Peke Of The Day

I is Noki and this is my friend from How-are-ye. My human mom and dad brought hims home from their vacation for me.

Pet Candy Of The Day #20915

Check out PetsLady's Pet Candy Of The Day where we feed you daily motivation with a healthy scoop of cute animals.

Android’s ‘Friends Furever’ Features Unlikely Animal BFFs To Sell Smartphones

TV commercials are a rare art form that eludes some big brands. While a company liked Geico has been consistent in developing fresh and innovative ads, Google more than often misses the mark when trying to capture our imagination.

Baby Your Cat With Its Own Play Mat

Your cat needs to spend some time in independent play as well as interactive play with you. To encourage that solitary playtime you can get your precious puss a Busy Body Cat Toy Activity Mat.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Dancing Hamsters Of The Day

How can you tell that you've been watching too much Dancing with the Stars? You discover your hamsters doing the Jitterbug on the coffee table.

Be Careful. They Look Cute, But... The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Graceful.  Gliding through the sea.  And... something that some people forget: wild animals.

Swan Falls Asleep, Wakes Up With Frozen Beak

A swan in western China woke up to a real life nightmare recently: sub-zero night temperatures had caused its beak to completely ice over! Thankfully this story has a heart-warming (not to mention beak-warming) ending.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Watching Cat Of The Day

At long lasts I have discovered the reason for dogs. They make lovely warms chairs.

Tiny Kitten Rubbins! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Take about seven minutes of your life to sit down, relax, and watch something that will make your day shine.

Diesel The Cat Finds Love And Fame In New Zealand

Diesel the cat can be found outside the Countdown supermarket in Rototuna, a suburb of Hamilton, New Zealand, every day. Employees have provided him with a bed, and food and water dishes at his post. The 11-year-old smoky gray cat is not a stray. He actually lives nearby and greeting employees and customers at the store appears to be his chosen hobby.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Dog Nap Of The Day

I thoughts they said this was a "big girl" bed. It still seems pretty puny to me!

Baby Pygmy Hippos Are Just Plain Cute! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

While sort of looking like a swollen sausage on stumpy legs, the Pygmy Hippopotamus can't help but be cute.  And when they are babies--ramp that cuteness up a notch!