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ALEX, The Parrot Who Knew What He Was Talking About

It's been long believed that parrots could only mimic human speech -- that they could not comprehend what they were taught to say. Differing from that position, it's been scientist Irene Pepperberg's mission to prove that theory a fallacy, and she's spent several decades debating this issue with the scientific community. The African Grey she named ALEX (an anagram for 'Avian Learning Experiment') was her subject and over the course of his 30-year lifespan. . .

Just Purr-fect: Meowing Alarm Clock

.Most cat lovers have no problem waking up in the morning since those lovely felines seem to be hardwired for the routine and waking up humans as early as possible. It your precious puss is challenged by time, or your life is cat-free, you can add that aspect to your life with this cute Orange Cat Meowing Sound Talking Alarm Clock.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Frog Of The Day

Hai! I is Jeremiah. I is a bullfrog. I is a good friend. Wanna share some wine?

Dancing Kitties! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

These little kitties can bust a move!  Check out their dancing skills in this fun little video...

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Greedy Kitty Of The Day

Wut? Your wallet? No I hasn't seen it. You musta left it somewheres unattended where any ca . . . ummm . . . body could takes it.

Wake Up! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Some dogs just aren't "morning people."  Not even an elephant can wake up the snoozing canine.

Man Rescues Bear From Drowning

In an amazing feat of courage, endurance, and compassion, back in 2011 a man rescued a black bear from drowning at the risk of his own life. It all started when the bear inadvertently wandered into a populated area along Florida's Gulf coast. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission responded to remove the bear with unexpected results.

PetsLady's Pick: Totally Cool Cardinal Of The Day

This amazing cardinal shows the characteristics of both the male and the female of the species. It is called a "gynadromorph."

Cute Puppies for Everyone!!!! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Yep.  Its time for some cute puppies.  We all need cute puppy time--at least twice per year.  And these little pups live up to the label.  I mean, c'mon.  Just look at that little guy in the picture.  Puffy.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Hidden Dog Of The Day

Hoomins can't yell at me if they can't see me. They never find me here.

Party Hearty With Inflatable Pink Flamingo Coasters

Summer entertaining is no walk in the park or day at the beach. With these cute Inflatable Pink Flamingo Coasters it can easily be for the birds!

Komodo Dragon Hunts a Buffalo -- The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Since I was a kid I've always had a fascination with Komodo Dragons.  Moreso than an alligator, they are like what I considered to be dinosaurs when I was young.  They're mysterious and scary--and methodical, as you'll see in this video.

Adopting A New Cat: Six Tips For Surviving The First Thirty Days

Survivng the first thirty days after bringing home a new cat doesn't have to be a trial and error experience. Ultimately, a good plan will mean survival for both owner and cat. Read on for some details on what to do and what not to do.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Mer-Hamster Of The Day

Hey! This isn't the county fair. I knows you hoomins think this funny -- but I looks darns good!

Japan Opens The First Home For Elderly Dogs

Caring for an elderly pet can be a wonderful and heartwarming experience. However, it is not one that everyone can handle emotionally. It is hard watching your old friend get old, infirm, and struggle. Now there is an answer -- if you've got serious bucks and live in Japan. There one business has opened as a "nursing" home for dogs.

Elephants Help Baby Elephant Cross River -- The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Elephants show many human-like emotions.  Watch as these grown-ups help a little calf cross the rushing waters of this river...

Metal Cat Cooling Pot Helps Kitty Chill Out So Summer Won't Be A Bummer

The “Cooling Aluminium Kitty-Cat Pot” is a simple pet-chilling device that has no moving parts... except your cat. The manufacturer may have hit the jackpot with this cool cat pot as the heat-absorbing dish is a sold-out smash hit!

Channel Your Inner Kitty With Cat Mask Sun-Staches Glasses

Are you one cool cat? Are you one cute kitty? Then it is time to display your true whickers with Cat Mask Sun-Staches Glasses. You will really be able to channel your inner felines. . . er . . . feelings and yawn in someone's face more easily.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Cat Diner Of The Day

Dude, don't Bogart the food! By the way -- that's my food dish.

APEril and Chuck -- The Cute Animal Video of the Day!!!

This cat ((Up) Chuck) has some serious patience when dealing with his buddy, the little gibbon named APEril.  While you can tell the gibbon loves the cat... well, trying to eat her is just funny.

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