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PetsLady's Pick: Cute Hummingbird Of The Day

I may be a hyperactive hummingbird, but even I need to rest once in a while. Petunias are just the perfect place.

This Tortoise Really Wants a Beer! The Animated Animal Video of the Day!!!

This little tortoise shows off some mad skills when it comes to getting a refreshing beer in this series of funny Brazilian commercials.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Kitty Caffeine Infusion Of The Day

So this is what iced coffee is like. Nice! Could use more cream though.

This Cat is Better at Jenga Than I Am! The Game Playing Animal Video of the Day!!!

I love Jenga--and I'm pretty good at it.  But I must confess to being a bit humbled by this cat's skill at the game.

Keyboard Cat, Where Have You Been All These Years?

Similar to a musician who also went by the name, "Cat," Keyboard Cat seems to have ripped a page out of Cat Stevens' playbook (or should we say songbook?) After hitting the charts in the early 70s only to become an instant success, the famed singer-songwriter of 'Tea for the Tillerman' fame removed himself from the public eye. . .

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Catzilla Of The Day

Catzilla, having destroyed the Golden Gate Bridge, becomes bi-coastal as he invades Manhattan just to play with the cars. That'll learn ya not to use the subway!

This Crow Rocks! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Its rare to see crows interact in the wild with humans.  But this crow has good taste in music: The Beatles.

Introducing Princess Leia (or) How Easy it is to Adopt a Little Friend -- Part 2

 Look at that face.  That's the "I'm a goof" face.  In Part 1 of this tale I wrote of the death of my little buddy/brother, Buster.  Now its time to meet the newest member of my family: Princess Leia.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Smart Dog Of The Day

Amazing! All of these recipes and not one for how to prepare cat. Although there is one for rabbit. Ooooooo, someday!

GPSing The Longest Mammal Migration Ever!

While various bird species and the Monarch butterfly clock the longest annual treks on record in the avian and insect worlds, it wasn't until 2012 that researchers were able to determine the longest migration of a mammal. In the past, guess-work has been used to determine the migration distances of the wildebeest, the caribou, the Tibetan antelope and others. Today, with the use of modern technology . . .

This Whale Speaks Like a Human... Sort'a. The Animal Video of the Day!!!

This whale is having fun singing a little song.  And while it doesn't quite sound human, it does sound like something else....

Animals In Art Down Through History

Down through the ages artistic expression has always included the depiction of animals, whether they are beloved family pets or objects of prey in a primitive world. Visit this unexpected gallery of animals as some artists see them, unlikely as those visions might be.

Kid’s Hooded Animal Bath Towels Make Bath Time Fun Time!

Bath time isn't exactly fun time for many pets or kids... until now, that is! Kid’s Animal Bath Towels give bath-shy kids something to look forward to once they're clean and about to be dry.

History Made! Elephant Takes Selfie

Selfies are a craze that has swept the human world and it now seems to be jumping species. Recently Scott Brierley was at the West Midlands Safari Park in Worcester, England, and taking selfies of himself with the elephants, when he accidentally dropped his phone outside the car. Moments later history was made.

Cats and Dogs: Here's The Hook

A hook on the wall is a handy thing since it can keep so much for you at arm's reach. But no one ever said that they needed to be dull and boring. Just look at these delightful Dog (and Cat) Cast Iron Hooks!

Introducing Princess Leia (or) How Easy it is to Adopt a Little Friend -- Part 1

It is a complex emotional ride when you lose a beloved family member.  I count my pets as family, not as just little four-legged, cuddly companions.  So when Buster passed away I was pretty broken-up.  But families, being what they are, have a tendency of expanding--even if you have to be pushed into it.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Giraffe Of The Day

Gigi the giraffe shows off her enormous talent for character acting in her starring role in "Attack of the Giant, Killer, Vampire-Zombie Giraffes." It will be on SyFy when hell freezes over. Maybe sooner on Fox.

We All Need Rest After a Job Well Done -- The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Everyone has had one of those days where work simply wears them out.  This goes the same for dogs...

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Ballerina Pug Of The Day

My adagio still needs some work, but I is ready to go chase all those swans in Swan Lake.

Lil Bub Playing -- The Fierce Animal Video of the Day!!!

Its safe to say that we all know Lil Bub, the tiny cat with multiple medical issues rescued by a kind man who then helped rehabilitate her.  In this video, she shows she's fit to play with the best of 'em out there!  And she's fierce, baby.  Fierce.

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