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The Art of Elephants Panned By Critics?

A lot has been documented about Suda, the artsy elephant, ever since she first picked up a paint brush at the ripe of old age of 4 and painted what appeared to be a self-portrait. Residing in the Maetaeng Elephant Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, while this video doesn't use any special effects or trickery to display Suda's artistic ability, similar elephant paintings like this have been critiqued by the. . .

Pig Tips Off Cops & Hero Cow Has Prosthetic Legs!

Here’s a two-pack of strange livestock news stories for the day: a lucky, screaming boar sent the police to his owner’s home, and Hero the bull is bouncing back from a case of severe frostbite with a pair of prosthetic legs.

SPCA! ABBA! Legal Controversy! The Bonus Animal Video of the Day!!!

Okay... take away a portion of my "man card."  I like ABBA.  And when I saw this video I was completely blown away by the choreography and production value.  If you're having a bad day, check this out.  Then read about the bizarre problems this video has caused.

Animal Heroes: Henry The Hearing Dog

Dog lovers really love their dogs just for being their own lovely and lovable dogs.  For Eileen Starkey she has a couple of extra reasons for adoring her dog, Henry. Not only is the golden retriever/standard poodle mix a fine friend, but he is her constant companion at helping her hear, he also saved the life other lover of her life -- her husband, Steve by alerting her to the problem that started while she was asleep.

This Mailman is Quite Brave -- The "Being Hunted" Animal Video of the Day!!!

Look at that picture.  That little cat doesn't appear to be much of a challenge, right?  Wrong.  This feline guards his/her territory like a ferocious tiger.  I feel sorry for this mailman if he does this route daily...

The Top 3 Wildest Animal Fighters In North America!

While I’m not advocating violence, watching animals fight over territory, food and mating rights in nature is both awe inspiring and fun. Big and tough creatures are smacking, clawing, and bashing skulls all over Canada and the United States, and I’ve found three really impressive fights caught on video!

Mobile Veterinarians Hopeful That New Law Will Make DEA Stop Targeting Them

The law governing controlled substances has long been a sore spot for veterinarians that treat patients in their own homes. Under this law the vets were banned from using certain drugs, such as for pain, anesthesia, or euthanasia,  outside of their primary place of business. This has made it difficult for them to treat animals in their homes without having the DEA breathing down their necks.

33 Screaming Frogs! Egad! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Until recently I was unaware that some frogs make high-pitched shrieking sounds as a defense mechanism.  This video presents 33 versions of this, so you may want to turn down the sound a little bit...

How To Keep Squirrels Out Of The Garden

It won’t be too long until it’s time to start planting flowers, vegetables and other plants for the next season, but are the local squirrels consuming all of your hard work before you can enjoy the harvest? If that’s the case, I’ve got a few solid tips to keep those pesky squirrels from destroying your garden!

Doggy Dance Party! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Egad!  This dog can shake it!  But I have to wonder... do the other dogs pass dollar bills to her, or dog treats?

52 Animals! The Really Funny Animal Video of the Day!!!

 Can one man imitate 52 animals in just over 5 minutes?  Yes!  Yes, he can!  Though some of them are difficult to figure out what they are.  But that doesn't take the funny out of it...

Share Your Love for Wolves This Valentine's Day

Are roses and chocolates too mild by a mile when it comes to Valentine's Day gifts? Switch things up and go wild with cuddly wolf plushies from the International Wolf Center!

Can an Old Dog Teach a Baby New Tricks? The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Okay, I'm not sure how old the dog is.  But I do know his name is Buster and he's quite a good teacher when it comes to getting this little baby to crawl...

Captive Orcas On Display At Sochi Winter Olympics

Considering how Sea World is still reeling over the backlash from the 2013 documentary “Blackfish,” it was a matter of moments after it was announced that there will be a pair of killer whales on display during the Sochi Winter Olympics before people began to object.

When It's Time To Throw A "Wild" Party: African Animal Napkin Rings

You can add a touch of art to your next "wild" party with a set of these beautiful African Animal Napkin Rings. Each one is carefully hand carved from African mahogany by individual artisans from "the global south." .

Giraffe Goes Tourist

It sounds like the beginning of a lame joke -- "So a giraffe walks into a restaurant . . ." It's no joke. At The Lion Park just outside of Johannesburg, South Africa, a giraffe decided to see how the other half lives when he entered an open-air restaurant. It gave park-goers the surprise experience of a lifetime and was caught on video.

"Seahawks" Don't Exist, Except When Winning Football Games

It's a little known fact, especially since they won the Super Bowl, but in actuality there is no bird in ornithology known as the seahawk. Multiple sources, including the Seattle Seahawks' own website admits that seahawks don't exist.

Dolphins Lend A Flipper In Saving A Dog From Drowning

When an 11-year-old Doberman named Turbo went missing from his home in Marco Island, Florida, his human family searched frantically to find the dog -- to no avail. It was a long night without him. It was an even longer night for him.  Turbo had fallen into a nearby canal and could not get himself back out. He owes his life to a pod of dolphins that helped him and made enough noise to attract help.

The Potoo Bird -- The Animal Video of the Day!!!

What is a Potoo bird?  To me it looks like a cross between an owl and a baby bird Muppet wearing tree bark armor.  Check it out...

Douglas the Wombat -- The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Douglas is a unique little fella that had the luck of finding a really nice school to help him survive when orphaned.  And when you see how he interacts with people... well, I suspect (like me) that you'll want to adopt a little wombat.

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