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Westchester County in New York is one of the wealthiest counties in the nation but is constantly skimping on efforts to protect its natural heritage.

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Some people just aren't good liars.  Some dogs aren't either.  And it doesn't help when your buddies snitch on you...

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Every year a group of turkey toms go through an extensive selection process that begins in April and ends with them receiving a permanent reprieve from becoming dinner when they are pardoned by the

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This unique hamster watch is a perfect gift for your favorite hamster lover!

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A new count of the island scrub jay showed that there are fewer of the birds than previously thought. The new calculations make the bird one of the ten rarest songbirds in the United States.

Ex-Beatle and ex-carnivore Sir Paul McCartney wants us all to “eat no turkey” this Thanksgiving but face it, the other big bird's become the centerpiece of holiday dinners in more ways than one.

Thanksgiving dinner with the family is a longstanding tradition yet when Turkey Day arrives, your dog and/or cat get the same food as any other day, right? Wrong!

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Last Thursday United States Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, put out the call for increasing the fight against poaching and cracking down on the increasing demands for ivory and rhino ho