Goldfish are by far the most well known and wide-spread of freshwater
fish, being both cheap and easy to keep. The downside to them, however,

We've seen pet rental companies, which while successful, have created controversy with animal rights activists worldwide.

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Dog Gone Smart™ is designing and manufacturing dog jackets, and dog and cat beds made from a
cotton NanoSphere® fabric, and will soon debut a line of horse blankets and

A breed of rabbits called Flemish Giants can grow
to extraodinary sizes. Some of these rabbits have even reached over
three feet tall and 17 - 18 pounds!

This handy device from Princeton may just be a parent's dream-come-true, especially if you have a pet who tends to be a wanderer.

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Stopping at every tree or bush or blade of grass may be fun
for Buddy and Trixie, but it's not exercise for them or you. WalkyDog, a leash that's designed to attach

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Cat climbers just keep getting more stylish as they offer more options
to your cat. The Everest, soon to be released by The Refined Feline

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A young designer from the Royal College of Art in London, Revital
Cohen, described a world in which animals might replace the machines