How To Tell If Your Dog Is Losing Its Sight

Most dogs with vision loss and blindness experience a gradual loss of vision over time. But for some, the loss of vision can be rapid and sudden. Watch your dog closely to see if he displays any of these signs of vision loss. And if they do, seek immediate veterinary care.

Product Review – Muttstard and Petchup and Meowstard and Catchup

Looking for a product review on Muttstard and Petchup for Dogs or Meowstard and Catchup for Cats? Meet Scribbles the Yorkie and Joy the kitten! The three of us were more than happy to share our thoughts and findings about the kibble condiments.

Jurassic Prank! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

What happens when you unleash a dinosaur in the lobby of an office building?  Some pretty freaked out people--and a camera hog of a Jurassic monster.

Own A Moment Frozen In TIme

Insects caught in tree sap are moments frozen in time. You can own a piece of the past with your own Insect In Amber. You may not be able to clone a dinosaur from it, but you will have a nifty souvenir from millions of years ago to add to your rock or fossil collection.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Dangerous Dachshund Of The Day

One wrong moves and I will strangle your ankles! With my teefs! Toes are also fair games if you are wearings sandals!

Renegade Emu Flys The Coop As Social Media Fears For His Life

While two jail mates continue to be on the loose after masterminding a prison break in upstate New York, an emu has followed suit in West Michigan. However differing from the Clinton Correctional facility escape, this one doesn’t look like an inside job. Acting on his own, the feathered escapee busted loose from an enclosure outside a Grand Rapids area home owned by Mary Tasma.

T-Rex Invasion Coming To A Pool Near You

Jurassic World can invade your summer just a bit more this year with a totally awesome T-Rex Giant Pool Inflatable Ride-On. It'll be grrrrrreat!

PetsLady's Pick: Totally Cool Grumpy Frog Of The Day

Hai! I is a Black Rain Frog. My hobbies are burrowing underground and ending up in Internet memes. I look really grumpy, but, hey, have you ever tasted a fly?

Animals Stealing Stuff! The Thieving Animal Video Of The Day!!!

This is a cautionary video: Do not leave items around for animals to steal.  They are quite sneaky--sort'a like a kid eyeing the cookie jar on top of the refrigerator.  If they want something, they will get it.

The Sequel To Jurassic World Revealed! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

With Jurassic World raking in a staggering $500 million on its opening weekend, it was inevitable that a sequel would be announced!  Watch as the tale of Isla Nublar takes a turn to the canine.

Have A Very Jurassic Christmas This Year

With the new movie Jurassic World heating up the silver screen this summer, you may want to turn that into a cool winter with a Stegosaurus Ornament or a T-Rex Ornament this Christmas.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Kitten Questions Of The Day

Mom expects me to clean myself down there? With my tongue? Really? Ew!

Cat Grooming Supplies That Clean Way Better Than Your Cat

While cats are capable of taking care of much, if not most, of their grooming regimen, there is still a lot that you can do to help. With a few handy cat grooming supplies, you can reduce the amount of fur floating about your home and greatly reduce the number of fur balls your little king or queen of the jungle hacks up at the most inopportune times and places.

Be Awesome -- Have Your Own Pet Jellyfish!

Wow your friends and family, or be the envy of your coworkers, with this totally cool Desktop Jellyfish Tank. It's not just anyone who has pet jellyfish. Be the first in your world.

Can This Dog Really Talk? The Amazing Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Marc Métral and his talking dog, Wendy, leave judges and audience alike entertained and perplexed with this incredible act.  Can Wendy talk?  It seems so...

10 Horses That Do Yoga Better Than You

I've seen several posts around the web on cats doing yoga. I thought the idea was adorable and witty. Did you know there are now even calendars and postcards of cats doing yoga? It got me wondering why there were no articles or calendars of horses doing yoga?

This Little Kid Has An Attitude! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Tiny Elvis the Bulldog reads his mom (Patches) the riot act when she accidentally pops him in the head.  What results is quite a cute little temper tantrum.

5 Best Pet Tracking Systems - Reviews and Recommendations

Today's pet tracking systems are so sophisticated that they can find your lost pet on your property, at your neighbor's across the street, or clear across town.  There are powerful systems that come with a hefty price tag, but there are also less expensive trackers on the market too that work pretty well; it all depends on your needs. Here are five of the best rated and reviewed trackers on the market...

Time To Let Your Love Of Turtles Go To Your Head

Sea turtles are among the most beautiful and intriguing creatures on Earth. With this soft and plush Sea Turtle Headband you can show your love for them on special occasions or with your Halloween costume.