Happy Easter! The Rather Odd Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Something about giant Easter Bunnies has always freaked me out a bit.  And now, not even being underwater is safe...

PetsLady's Pick: Adorable Bulldog Bunny Of The Day

I is ready for ther Easter egg hunt. Let ther games begin!

Why We Love Jack Hannah -- The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

It is almost impossible to not like Jack Hannah.  His laid back nature and innate ability to not only teach, but also to  freak out, people with animals is always entertaining.

For Sammy WTF Means "Where's The Fish?"

In Ireland there is a little town down Dublin way by the name of Wicklow. It is here that one small restaurant, The Lighthouse, has been compelled by forces of nature to feed a seal three times a day. The townsfolk have dubbed the seal "Sammy" and he has become something of a mascot along the waterfront. And he is something to see!

‘Birdie’ Surrogate Goes Viral At Bernie Sanders’ Rally

The political season this year in the States has been one big super non-ending dose of ‘Reality TV.’ Nobody could have scripted what Americans and the world at large has laid witness to over the course of the last six months — and there doesn't seem to be any end in sight. From Trump’s ‘the Emperor’s wearing no clothes' raucous sideshow act to establishment stalwarts like a a Bush family member being kicked to curb, viewers and voters would have to attest to the unique entertainment value in this political field.

Dining With Spicy Animals

These days a lot of us would like to have more spices on the table than just the standard salt and pepper that we and our forefathers have known for many years. So a set of these Animal Parade Spice Shakers can let you add more flavor to dinner -- from red pepper flakes to dried basil.

Cat Tree Climbing Tower Is A Post With The Most!

Is your cat climbing the walls, curtains etc out of boredom? The Cat Tree Climbing Tower combines an exercise pole, a scratching post and a bed(room) with a view.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Chick Line-Up Of The Day

On 23 March a chick was observed leaving the hen house under cover of darkness with egg on its beak.

Nothing Like A Hot Bath At The End Of The Day -- The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Nothing beats a nice hot bath at the end of a long, tiring day.  While just getting my cat near water results in multiple, life threatening scratches to my arms, this little feline doesn't have a care in the world when it comes to soaking in the tub.

PetsLady's Pick: Gorgeous Horse Of The Day

I had found one of the bests ways to meet mares is to have my cutes human with me.

Polar Bears And Dogs Playing? The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

You would think that when polar bears and family dogs encounter each other in the snow that it would become some sort of battlefield out of The Lord of the Rings.  This video shows otherwise...

Man Charged With Assault With An Alligator

Even in Florida you can be darn sure that Wendy's won't be serving alligator burgers any time soon. Not after the incident back in October when Joshua James, 23, allegedly shoved a three and a half foot juvenile alligator through the drive-thru window. It was not until last month that U.S. Marshals finally took him into custody.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Grumpy Bunny Of The Day

Apparently he always gets this way every spring. You would too if you had to lay that many Easter eggs.

Tilikum, Symbol Of Sea World’s Whale Mistreatment, Nearing An End

As SeaWorld finally phases out Orcas whales as an attraction, animal advocacy groups and animal lovers at large are pleased to finally witness the impending end of whales bred in captivity. This means that the captive killer whales currently held at SeaWorld parks will be the last of their kind. The news comes after decades of bad publicity and a decline in visitor numbers, which came to a head after two trainers were killed by SeaWorld Orcas.

Baby Ostrich Invasion! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Okay, here's something you don't see every day: baby ostriches running about... in somebody's living-room.  I must admit that they are cute.

PetsLady's Pick: Adorable Puppy Portrait Of The Day

I has super powers. One is that I can licks mine own butt. The other is ther incredible powers of cute.

Say You Love Her (Or Him) With A Bouquet Of Puppies

My mother always said that dogs (and cats) are God's love in a fur coat. What a great way for Him to send love to all of us! If you want to send a little bit of furry love (that won't have to be paper trained), try giving them a Plush Puppy Bouquet.

When Pigs Started Flying

The phrase "when pigs fly" has been in use for centuries to describe the ultimate impossibility. Naturally that was long before man learned that it was possible for him to fly. In the early days of aviation J.T.C. Moore-Brabazon took his Voisin aeroplane aloft with a mad glint of humor in his eye. That and a pig in a wicker basket strapped to one of the struts.

Snakes Go Fishing! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

When I think of animals catching fish, snakes aren't what initially come to mind.  Birds?  Sure.  Humans?  Of course.  Other fish?  Yep.  But snakes?

PetsLady's Pick: Sweet Seal Of The Day

What does you mean "say cheese?" What is cheese?