Posted by John P. Barker

These bizarre looking beetles are extremely rare--so rare that scientists have only viewed them mating twice...

Posted by Laurie Kay Olson

Ah. I think I've found the perfect home for the winter. Warm, light, cozy, and with great views.

A trio of grazing cows in New Zealand found themselves stranded on a tiny pasture plateau after a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake collapsed much of their meadow.

Posted by Ron Callari

Vietnam, the war-torn country of the 60s is back in the news fighting a modern-day battle.

Posted by John P. Barker

I know a few people that can suck on a lemon without cringing.  I'm not one of them.  And many of these dogs aren't either.

Posted by Kitty Devine

Christmas is almost here and you want to be able to welcome friends and family into your home.

Posted by Laurie Kay Olson

Can you really spot me among all these leaves? Do I give you the urge to play connect the dots?

Tombili, a beloved Istanbul street cat known for his casual longing pose, passed on but won't be forgotten thanks to a bronze statue of the chubby kitty erected on the very steps where he loved to