PetsLady's Pick: Cute Pumpkin Dog Of The Day

So . . . these big funny lookings things is why you call me "Punkin?"

Jurassic World On A Tight Budget! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

There are some great video ideas that I just kick myself for not creating.  This is one of them.

Beware The Vampire Squirrel!

Vampires apparently do exist. Oh, I'm not talking about the old tales of Dracula, or even of the vampire bat. I'm talking about the rather terrifying vampire squirrel. Vampire bats are fairly boring compared to the reputed hunting activities of this furry rodent with a huge plume of a tail. It is a rare animal that scientists know little about since it hangs out in the rain forest of Borneo.

Scientists Investigate Potential Life-Extending Drug For Dogs

There's an exciting new drug being experimented with that may have the potential to add years to your dog's life.

Love Your Cat With Loving Pet® Bowls And Place Mats: Product Reviews

When you love your pet you want to surround her with stuff you love.  If she could pick her own functional and decorative tableware, I'd bet she'd go for these pet food bowls and place mats.


Dogs: It's A Game Of Life

It's a dog's life. At least it ought to be. That age-old and extremely popular Game of Life has gone to the dogs -- literally. This winter you can gather the clan around the table to play The Game of Life: It's a Dog's Life and have a barking good time!

PetsLady's Pick: Scary Witchy Lizard Of The Day

I just hate it when my magic goes in reverse. So much for getting revenge on my old boyfriend.

What Do You Do With A Tiny Vampire Bat? The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

That is quite a question.  Well, first you name him Lil' Drac.  Then you take care of him just like you would a human baby--but only on a near-microscopic level.

Doctor Who? Wally The Corgi, That's Who!

Doctor Who has finally gone to the dogs -- well, one dog anyway. Wally, the Welsh Corgi, managed to endure enough time in front of the camera to honor all 13 doctors of the venerable British science fiction television show. For the die-hard Whovians out there that does include the War Doctor. Wally even had his own tiny cardboard TARDIS for the shoot.

Blind Man Reunited With Missing Service Dog Through Facebook

Just when you were starting to think that perhaps social media was getting more people in trouble than anything else comes a heartwarming story of a missing guide dog being reunited with his visually-impaired owner through the help of Facebook users.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Pumpkin Patch Cat Of The Day

I doesn't know. I can't makes up my mind, Moms. Can we takes them all homes?

This Is One Big A** Spider! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Halloween is just around the corner!  Time for a few monsters now and then.  Today's video is guaranteed to freak out any arachnophobes out there--while still providing plenty of laughs.

Wow! That's One Batty T-Shirt

Sometimes you don't want a full costume for Halloween -- perhaps for a casual day at work when they don't want you in costume. You can still freak everyone out with a great t-shirt like this Glow-in-the-Dark Bat Skeleton T-Shirt.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Ghost Dogs Of The Day

Duke, I know cats is stupid, but I don't thinks even they is going to believes that you is a plaid ghost!

A Note To Guys Without Dogs -- The "Pay Attention!" Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Okay, guys out there; pay attention.  Women with dogs are no different from women with children.  If you are a single guy out there looking to date, this is not a trivial issue.  It is a bit crazy... but roll with it.  She's worth it.

The Weekly Buzz! Pet Halloween, Cat Holiday, Times Change, A Cheetah Thinks He's A Dog, & More...

Oh, the Buzz today!  Lots of news, research, and a bit of advice for pet owners. Cats get crazy, parrots don't just parrot, and dogs can run like the devil. Of course there's Halloween, National Cat Day, and the Big Time Change coming up soon.  And yet another wild animal that thinks he's a dog: this time it's a cheetah! Go for it! 

All Aboard For The Dog Train!

A handful of stray dogs were very lucky that they had been abandoned at the end of a dead end street in Fort Worth, Texas. Not because they were dumped and left to starve, but because Eugene Bostick, his brother Corky, and their families took the dogs in. In addition to food, shelter, and veterinary care, these lucky dogs get a train ride from Bostick twice a week.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Halloween Chinchilla Of The Day

I is almost ready for Halloweens. Ooooo. This still smells like candies from lasts year!

The Mola Mola Animal Video Of The Day!!!

What is a Mola Mola?  Well, it is big, somewhat ugly, and one of those odd things that the world throws at us so we get a big question mark over our heads...

5 Easy DIY Pet Costumes For The Last Minute Procrastinator

Need a cute pet costume before Halloween, but don't have much time left? Keep reading for some adorable DIY pet costumes! All you need is some stuff you have laying around your house and possibly a trip to your local dollar store and you canhave an adorable costume for your pet in no time.