Posted by Laurie Kay Olson

Here we have vintage evidence of a kitten belonging to a witch. The kitten seems to possess some of the magic of the witch.

Snake breeders are turning pythons into pumpkins just in time for Halloween and unlike Cinderella's coach, there's no time limit on this not-so-magical transformation.

Posted by Laurie Kay Olson

Mom always says that she wants to eat me up. Now I'm afraid she may mean that literally.

A rare albino orangutan recently rescued from a village in Borneo has been given a popularly chosen name – Alba – and a chance to live in a protected “forest island” home if enough people donate to

Posted by Kitty Devine

Not everyone goes wild and decorates the entire house for Thanksgiving, but if you are that sort of person you will appreciate this Thanksgiving Shower Curtain.

Posted by Laurie Kay Olson

I look totally fetching in this fun Halloween bandana. Candy corn may be fun to look at, but I hate the way it gets stuck in my teeth.

Posted by Rebecca West

For the benefit of animals kept in displays, science is now directing us to adopt a manner of less invasive (aka obnoxious) behavior the next time we're at the zoo. 

The desert sand is hot and you've got neither arms nor legs to help you rise above it. What to do? Hitch a ride on a passing tortoise and take a load off your, er, belly.