Does your dog think he's people? If pets looked anything like these animals, you might think so too! Aspiring architect Miguel Garcia creates fantastic animal renderings.

Pets & pumpkins go together like tricks and treats, especially this time of year when farms, zoos and wildlife parks provide their animals with plenty of pumpkins to help bring out the Hallowee

Posted by John P. Barker

Nature can be scary.  This video clip shows just how dangerous it can be to simply cross a river.  And I think that's Samuel L. Jackson narrating...

Posted by Laurie Kay Olson

Scientists at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, have been studying the behavior of rainbow trout and the effects of certain behaviors on survival.

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Yawning is contagious among humans, among chimps, among baboons, and
yes, even among dogs.  But have you ever noticed your dog yawning just

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Just as there are a number of toxic food for dogs, there are toxic foods for cats as well.

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When you look at your dog, do you see yourself? If you think your pooch's personality mirrors your own, you're not alone.

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Someone tried to kill Ethan on his third birthday, but he wasn't about to stay dead. They had poisoned him and buried him alive.